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Friday Night (23 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 13-June-2003  19:19:45 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

First up tonight...

From Clan Croxson and mibberz, 802.11g has finally been ratified. "IEEE 802.11b, the most widely used wireless local area network (WLAN) technology, has gotten a long-awaited increase in speed through a new amendment to the IEEE 802.11 standard ratified by the Standards Board of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The amendment, IEEE 802.11g, raises the data rate of IEEE 802.11b networks to 54 Mbps (megabits per second) from 11 Mbps".

Looks like krazy8 has been nabbed by the US DOJ. His site, www.isonews.com, has been confiscated. Software piracy is bad dooDZ!

dkermode reminds us that a new version of Motherboard Monitor was released a few days ago. Version MBM

Planet Savage talk about Video Cards and Benchmarks in their latest article. I wonder if they have anything new to say!

To bad if you're a Matrix fan and living in Cairo...Its been banned! Thanks Kerridwyn.

Over on Slashdot, the broadband disaster that is Australia. Thanks Nick.

Digital Pay-TV takes a step closer with the successful launch of Optus's Department of Defence C1 satellite. Wow...the Australian military has a satellite to play with. What next! Rifles that work? From Narkov and thetron.

A warning from Fred Nurk. He received an Email that was "a scam by some clever bastard thats managed to both gain my email address and somehow masquerade as www.paypal.com. Surprised the hell out of me, as it was only addressed to me, the cookie blocker came up with www.paypal.com, and it also asks for a PIN for the credit card. When does it end?" Anyone who asks for your PIN number is out to get your money. Be warned.

A few pieces from trusty news-hound eDust: Intel are working on tri-gate transistors, IBM are working on magnetic memory (MRAM) and are hoping it will replace DRAM, and Sandisk and Toshiba have shrunk flashram bits to allow 2GB and 4GB flash cards.

3DAvenue have posted a guide to the 'hacking' mode in Enter The Matrix for the PC.

Sudhian have an article titled The Collapse of the Dot-Com Revolution. What about the dot com.au revolution?

Beyond3D interview some game developers and talk about Pixel Shader Precision.

mazzanet notes that Nokia have started Shipping their first 3G phone. Get one now before the price drop!

Tweaktown have a chipset shootout with the VIA KT400 vs. VIA KT400A vs. nVidia nForce 2. Interesting results.

Hardware Avenue are running a giveaway. You need to go here and fill in a survey to try and win an Nvidia GeforceFX 5600 (first prize), and two FX 5200's (second and third prize).

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