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Wednesday Evening 2 (4 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 25-June-2003  20:24:29 (GMT +10) - by Gibbon

News coming thick and fast tonight!

We'll start this installment off with PimpRig (with their catchcry of "Smack Ya Rig Up!"). They're showing off some cooling fluid that they're going to submerge a PC into, PSU and all. Just a teaser at the moment, but it looks the goods. Not an entirely new concept, but one to watch.

HardwareLab have a brief (maybe concise is a better word) guide to setting up a basic network with linux and windows PCs.

Spode, of Spode's Abode ponders some alleged irregularities with benchmark scores and the Trident XP4 chipset as a followup to an earlier article. Interesting, there seem to be a lot of these kind of allegations floating around lately.

There seems to be some confusion over USB standards at the moment. Ernest sent this link, and I remember seeing some discussion of the same issue on ArsTechnica last week sometime (I think). You wouldn't think it would be too hard to settle on standards for something as seemingly simple as USB, but it seems marketing has ruled over sense.

New VIA Hyperion drivers are available, version 4.48. You can get them here. Thanks ledz.

Sudhian have an article up that they've called "The VIA Roller Coaster Part II: 2001-2003" (I presume there was a Part 1). Not a bad read. I think back to not-so-distant days when Intel completely dominated the PC scene, and realise how many benefits competition has delivered.

Want some serious (and I'm talking US$400 type serious) speakers for your PC? Futurelooks looked at the M-Audio Studiophile BX5 Reference Monitor Speakers - I'm guessing they also listened to them. Very nice little speakers, but perhaps a little out of my budget.

Still on a HiFi theme, Envy News have reviewed the Xitel Pro HiFi-Link, an external break-out box, which takes your PC's USB output and converts it to a digital audio output via coaxial or optical connectors and/or analog audio. It comes with some pretty serious cabling as well, something often neglected when looking at audio components. I'd probably have to string them from the ceiling though, to prevent something like this from happening again.

Last but not least, NordicHardware have published an Intel Canterwood (i875P) roundup, comparing 6 motherboards.

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