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Tuesday Afternoon (9 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 1-July-2003  16:57:54 (GMT +10) - by Agg

There's been something brewing among some of the international hardware websites for the last day or so and now it seems to have exploded. TomsHardware visited and sponsored the MillionMan LAN recently. AMDMB.com were vocal in their disappointment over what they termed a "media blackout" by TomsHardware of the event. Sudhian managed to also cover the event despite the blackout and LANAddict have some coverage too. TomsHardware have now indicated they will be suing AMDMB.com for the comments made in their article. HardOCP now have joined the debate, with much info and opinion on their newspage, to the point of financially supporting AMDMB's defense of their case. TomsHardware have a further response posted. Stay tuned, I guess..

This article has some info about products on the way from AMD.

YYK spotted an old but new technique for identifying spam that promises more success than other methods. He also found an underwater postoffice.

Been staying up and playing games all night? Want to get PAID to do that? Shame you have to live in California.. hmm, it's almost worth moving there.. thanks Souj.

A few people sent word of xbox hackers blackmailing microsoft.. I can't really see Redmond bowing to that one.

TechJuice have an article on increasing airflow through your PSU.

From von Stalhein: I was browsing here and noticed that the advice on the bottom of the page could be taken by the more cynical amongst us completely the wrong way: "* The specifiction and pictures are subject to change without notice." :-) Heh, well spotted. Maybe they're being more honest than other manufacturers. :)

CyberCPU looked at the Detonator FX 44.03 drivers for NVIDIA cards.

lordconan noticed this Tron 2.0 game. If you're into lightcycle games, Armagetron is another good one.

Hardware-Test have a guide to making an 8-port fanbus which is controlled via software and your parallel port.. neato, but seems complex for electronics n00bs like me.

SharkyExtreme have a system buyer's guide for a high-end gaming PC, with a budget of $2500 USD.

Rachmaninov spotted this amusing story about the Slashdot effect knocking an entire country off the net.

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