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Thursday Morning (35 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 3-July-2003  03:43:37 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Have you received an email, supposedly from the police, about people scamming free calls on your phone? It's a hoax (again).

VIA Arena have an allegedly funny documentary about the V-RAID feature of their VT8237 South Bridge. It has been filmed with a tongue in cheek David Attenborough style documentary. Anyone who has anything to do with PCs should find it amusing (we hope).

Parents giving you a hard time about your attitude? Kids driving you insane? Maybe this is what you need. Pretty scary stuff if you ask me.

Decker pointed out that the Australian High Tech Crime Centre website has been launched. Don't let the typo in the title put you off, hmm.

The ability to surf the net while flying in a plane is coming soon, apparently.

Kerridwyn spotted a lot of Matrix fans in Tokyo.

There's an interview with Bill Gates here.. talking about spam, among other things.

Remember, trucks and churches are a bad combination.

From Migishu: New version of Miranda IM is out. It's currently at version 0.3, and has many bug fixes from the previous versions. For all you unenlightened people, Miranda IM is basically an Instant Messanger clone like Trillian, but is open source, so you can improve the client if you feel it needs something you don't have. There's also millions of plugins listed at their website, and you can convert your ICQ (or other) databases over.

Dan has more letters with answers.

TweakHound have a super XP Tweaking Guide updated.

Graeme sent in this page, which brings you up to speed on the whole SCO vs IBM fight over Linux.

DVHardware have an article about the Performance Boosting Engine feature of a new BIOS for AOpen's AX4SG Max.

Australia will have a new fastest supercomputer soon, thanks Boky.

MBreview have an article about how motherboards are designed.

OCPrices compared two power supplies, from Zalman and Ahanix.

NordicHardware compared two GeForce FX 5900 video cards, one Ultra with 256MB and one non-Ultra with 128MB. Meanwhile, Computerbase compared a GeForce FX 5900 Ultra and Radeon 9800 Pro in various non-standard benchmarks (to minimise driver issues). It's in German, but has graphs.

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