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Sunday Morning (1 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 13-July-2003  02:07:16 (GMT +10) - by Agg

PC4000 or DDR500 RAM is hitting the streets in Japan from various manufacturers, thanks Colbey.

Dan has a few words to say about projectors and their usefulness as PC displays.

HardAvenue have an interview here with someone by the name of Steve Wilkins, who works for Western Digital. They cover WD's current and future intentions along with general topics such as the SATA standard. We reviewed WD's Raptor 10k-rpm SATA HDD here (single drive) and here (up to 4 of them in RAID0).

TheTechZone checked out a bunch of things that glow for your PC.

Hexus have an editorial about high-end motherboard chipsets for workstations.

RnR spotted another distributed computing project - this one uses idle cpu cycles for climate prediction. An important science to be sure, but my idle cycles will go to curing diseases for now.

ModAsylum had a go at cutting and painting etc on an old AT fulltower.

From Cypher: I've decided to put my tetrinet server up again! Tetrinet is an online multiplayer tetris game, you can get it here. The server address is Cypher.dyndns.org and there's some info on this page.

TweakTown have taken a look at VIA's new P4 chipset, PT800.

From Jason: Seemed to be a few people who didnt want to pay $90 to try planetside for 1 month, but now theres a trial download available from fileplanet that comes with a 7 day trial.

BigBruin interviewed someone from Crucial, who make memory.

Sony have recalled thousands of their VAIO laptops this week. Unfortunately, it seems the one I'm typing this newspost on is covered under this recall! Bah. I'll see if I get mail about it from them.

Chris sent in this x86 vs PPC article, discussing the merits of both CPU architectures.

Apparently a particular (false) URL can crash Internet Explorer, thanks Surakshan. Oh, and there's another critical Windows vulnerability, thanks torana.

The guys at BONG and our very own DDsD and Whitey Ford are at it again: After an 18 month holiday from the LAN scene, ready to show Sydney how to lan once again, we are holding a 100 person lan event in Sydneys West. Full details on the BONG site and the official OCAU BONG thread here.

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