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Friday Afternoon (20 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 18-July-2003  13:56:33 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Top story of the day (based upon the sheer number of people who submitted it) seems to be this newly-discovered way to help prevent cancer. More info here and here. Many of our readers seem strangely happy about this news story. :)

A few people pointed out this article about carbon thermal paste. The invented material is superior to all other thermal pastes, including those involving exotic materials such as carbon nanotubes and diamond.

Speaking of which, 9 thermal pastes were compared on MadShrimps. They also have an article about DDR2 memory.

Windows. Critical security flaw. A new one or the last one again? I've lost track. More info here, thanks fxr91. Does seem to be a new one, affecting NT, 2K and XP.

Cisco have a pretty serious security advisory posted also, thanks Chaker. More info here, thanks Crusterminator.

This ASCII Matrix animation was sent in by a lot of people. Takes a little while to load. Looks like it's a frame-by frame conversion to ASCII characters using a program, not hand-converted.. but neato anyway.

Cypher says that the G-Man movie is an impressive demo of the Half-Life 2 game engine. There's another new one called Docks too. 72MB and 50MB respectively.

Stmok spotted this 1200MHz FSB overclock on ASUS's Russian site.

Digital-Daily has a technology roundup for June.

From Mitch01: I have organised a joint Dyno Day (with RedlineGTi members). It is in NSW, for Sydney people, but some interstate people have already put their names down. Pricing is $66 for 3 dyno runs, and a BBQ lunch, with the chance to win a trophy in a number of catagories. Also there are novelty prizes being awarded on the day. The day is taking place on Sunday the 17th of August, at Insight Motorsports Pty Ltd at Arndell Park. Relevant information can be found in this thread or on this page.

NordicHardware have a guide to window etching.

Dan's checked out another odd Japanese CPU cooler. This one is from the same people who made the CPU Radiator Zen. Run screaming! No, wait, it's actually not bad at all.

Digit-Life compared a pile of Intel 865 motherboards for your P4 or Celly.

AMD and Fujitsu are getting together to make memory under the Spansion name.

Looks like Netscape's end is drawing near, with AOL moving resources elsewhere, thanks reax.

OCPrices pitted Intel's P4 3.2GHz against AMD's AthlonXP 3200+ in a benchmarking frenzy.

GFrame have an article about the game development process.

RojakPot have a guide to making a battery extender for USB devices.

There's apparently a big HP warehouse sale on in Sydney from 3pm onwards today! Thanks to everyone who sent that in.

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