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Monday Afternoon (7 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 21-July-2003  16:32:44 (GMT +10) - by Agg

BlueSmurf's The Imperator project page has been updated. There's a new sponsor, some new in-progress construction pictures and some pictures of another spaceship project called Rhadamanthus by Straylight. Totally different construction method but again very impressive.

If you use 3DS Max 5.1 on Win2K, installing SP4 may be a bad idea, thanks Nicholas.

ABIT now have a windows-based BIOS flash system supporting many of their motherboards - it's called FlashMenu, thanks Jaymon.

If you receive a domain renewal in the post, make sure it's actually from the people you registered your domain with. Seems that once again a company is sending confusing letters to people, which may end up with them unknowingly transferring their domain across to another registrar. Thanks eixt.

There's some dodgy plugins on websites out there, like this site which will email people from your address book when you play a video. Crazy. Any website that asks me to download any special program or plugin just gets a closed browser.

Rainwulf slapped some hefty aircooling onto his Radeon 9700 Pro.

From leperMessiah: Open Office 1.1 is now out including several new features such as exporting documents directly as .pdf files and better MS office filters.

Rick spotted this super-slim watercooling technology for notebooks, from NEC.

Weirdness of the day award goes to this story about "guardian angels" showing up on film in 3 different cameras. More info here.

Baba noticed that there's a FSAA bug in Half-Life 2 which apparently can't be fixed on nVidia cards.

Tech-Report have an editorial about review websites and vendors.

From Ross: The UGBox OCAU Image Store has served over 750,000 images since its inception earlier this year thanks to the interest of the Overclockers AU community. Due to a number of factors, the server is being moved to a new datacenter, and as such will have a downtime of approximately two hours tonight (Monday, 21st July). Unfortunately, the change involves a new IP address - so the service may be inaccessible for up to two days for some ISP's. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and hope you're ready for another million hits :) Thanks guys!

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