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Tuesday Noon-ish (5 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 22-July-2003  12:22:54 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

Another fake bank site scam is getting around. Several people have received an email claiming to be from Westpac asking them to log into their account with their internet banking details. I suggest you ignore the email completely. The engrish used is a dead giveaway for a start so I don't think this one will fool very many people. The server that the scam is hosted on is another giveaway. If you have received one of these, you might like to report the incident to the Real Westpac Site.

Are you looking for ways to put some of your old dead hardware to use? Try this motherboard picture frame idea on The Tech Lounge. I happen to have a dead 8RDA+ sitting here somewhere so I might give it a go.

I've always wanted one of these. PCReview take a look at the Hi-Ti 630PS Photo Printer. I should get a better camera first though.

PinoyPC have a GeForceFX 5200 Roundup featuring cards from Inno3D, Palit Daytona and Gainward.

AMDmb discuss the ins and outs of the Detonator 44.03 drivers concentrating on the topic of performance vs. quality with Unreal Tournament 2003 and how they are affecting other games.

SLCentral have reviewed the Handspring Treo 300 Smartphone. I'd rather be a smart phone user than a smart phone.

Corsair have done the BIG memory test to fend off some of the questions they get asked time and time again. They used a P4C800 Deluxe Canterwood motherboard with P4 2.4GHz processor, ATI 9800 128MB graphics card, and 1GB of Corsair TWINX memory in both single and dual channel modes with memory clock speed rating from DDR400 to DDR533 at different timings. Read it all here.

Monkey Review have reviewed the latest James Bond DVD flick, 007- Die Another Day. If you're a 007 fan, check it out.

From Knight: "Central Queensland Gamers League (CQGL) are having another LAN on August the 2nd and 3rd in Rockhampton, QLD. For more information regarding the event, the website can be found here".

Another LAN, on this weekend 10AM Sat 26 July - 5 PM Sun 27 July, is the Dreaming Reality LAN. It's being held at The Odeon, Latrobe University Bundoora, Melways. For registration, go here.

Ben found some nifty gadgets. How about a wrist watch usb drive!

ComputerSphere have an article all about Changing Your PC's Power and Reset Buttons.

Stmok noticed these Mini-ITX Pentium-4M systems. Nice for those who want a small system.

"Intel to launch notebook Celeron processors with Banias core in early 2004", full article here. Thanks Migishu.

And finally, "Australian Scientists build self-sufficient space computer". Article here. Thanks Oldrusty.

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