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Thursday Morning (4 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 24-July-2003  02:52:00 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Our server has been taking a bit of a beating lately. We're victims of our own success to some extent - in the evenings with over 500 people browsing the forums and 400 browsing the main site, our poor dual P3-1GHz server is struggling to cope. Hopefully some good news on that front soon, stay tuned.

Digital-Daily have a roundup of high-end socketA coolers for your speedy AthlonXP's.

Xbit took a look at an Opteron / nForce3 system, comparing it to AthlonXP and Pentium 4 systems.

ModSynergy have a guide to lapping a heatsink for better contact. My article about lapping CPU cores from 1999 (oldschool!) is here. Eeew, old OCAU layout.

Toaster spotted a new way of cracking passwords that only takes a few seconds. He also sent word that Doom III won't be here as soon as we'd hoped.

3DGameMan reckon you can run two monitors off an AIW R9700 card, if you try hard enough.

Kerridwyn notes that Senator Alston will save us all from spam by making it illegal. Tell that to the people in the USA and China, they're the ones who send me most of the spam I get nowadays.

I think we've seen this article before, it seems familiar.. anyway, it's all about Australia's broadband disaster, thanks phool.

ArsTechnica have a guide to cleaning up digital video, for something a little different.

Andypoo spotted this bizarre article about new hard-drive technology. As opposed to longitudinal recording, where the bits are impressed in a parallel format along the surface of a disc, perpendicular recording stands the bits on end, enabling more data storage per square inch. Hmm, that sounds like an April Fools joke gone wrong, or perhaps it's just not explained very well.

Dastardly Dan has even more flashy things to play with and write about.

Tomorrow, Friday the 25th of July, is apparently SysAdmin Day! I didn't think it'd been a year since the last SysAdmin day? Time flies. Be nice to your SysAdmin every day, he knows where your files live.

More LANs! CLGA in North Sydney next weekend, MR LAN in SE Melbourne this weekend, Dreaming Reality LAN also in Melbourne this weekend and Black Ferret LAN this weekend in Western Sydney.

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