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Thursday News (9 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 31-July-2003  12:32:18 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

The BitBoys are back! What, you don't know who the BitBoys are!!! Then you are too young to remember the days when nVidia were a wannabe graphics card manufacturer and 3DFX ruled the screens. BitBoys have come up with the Acceleon line of tiny mobile graphics chips that are said to be targeted at mobile systems like PDAs and cellphones and can provide features seen in full size graphics cards. Things like z-buffering, stencil buffering, specular shading, MIP mapping, texture compression, fog effects, texture mapping, texture filtering, surface shading, sprite support, perspective correction and pixel colour processing. Read the article on The Register for some more info. Link from leperMessiah.

MADMAX sends word of a show called "The secret history of hacking" to be shown on SBS this coming Saturday 9th August at 7:30pm. "This documentary explores the birth of hacking in the 1960s to the present day through interviews with hackers and the FBI Special Agents assigned to deal with “cybercriminals”. Hacking began as a means of making free phone calls, but soon the outlaws of the computer age were able to break into computers at the highest levels of secrecy." Might be worth a view.

For another look into the world of hackers, download or read online, this book called UnderGround. I've only read the first few paragraphs but it is shaping up to be a good read. Thanks Christian.

ZZZ have a good article about a new advance in Thermal Paste technology, Carbon Black Thermal Paste. It sounds promising.

Xbit-Labs have a writeup on Portable Storage and which device should you use.

Chillblast have a How-To article for you, this time, how to change a graphics card. Pretty simple stuff.

More letters and answers from Dan, issue 56 this time.

Intel are running a case mod competition with some nice prizes to be won. The details are over on the Zgeek forums, so go get your camera cranked up and enter. Thanks Tony for the heads-up.

nVidia have some updated display drivers for Linux. Version 1.0-4496, released a few days ago can be found here. Thanks LINUX (p.s. they're not just for him).

Wizardx8 found a rather lengthy, but in-depth article about PHP5 which is soon to be released. Find it here.

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