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Saturday Evening (12 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 2-August-2003  18:39:40 (GMT +10) - by Agg

There's an interesting article on Ace's Hardware called 3DMark03 Performance Factors. They explore how much effect upgrading various components in a slower system can have on 3DMark03 results, thanks The1.

HardAvenue have an article about ISDN in Australia.

The latest version of Nero Burning ROM, a popular CD-burning program, has got people talking. If you're not careful, it will delete data on your hard drive that you might not expect it to. More info here.

Kasi spotted this heatpipe-cooled case from Zalman.

LegionHardware compared four i875P/i865PE motherboards for your P4 or Celeron. Meanwhile, Xbit compared four 1GB compactflash cards.

GideonTech have an article about making a Stereo VU Meter for your PC.

From Argent: Just letting you know that Microsoft has a new critical update for Windows Media Player 9. Grab it from Windows Update. "Flaw In Windows Media Player May Allow Media Library Access (819639)"

MWP noticed Slashdot hitting a ZZZ Online article about a new thermal paste. This is the black carbon stuff we mentioned a little while ago. Good to see ZZZ back up after their recent hax0ring also.

Tully sent word of multiplayer GTA:VC. Sounds like a great idea! While on the gaming side of things, g@z says Natural Selection 2 is out now.

Hmm, I was thinking those mobile phone cameras were just gimmicks, but here's one being used to catch a crim.

Tech-Report have an article about AMD making Opteron into an Athlon64 variant supporting dual-channel memory. They also have a review of Intel's 1.4GHz Pentium M mobile CPU.

From Dark_Greg: A rather interesting astronomical phenomenon can be observed over the next month, with Mars being closer to earth then it has been in at least 5,000 years, with some estimates putting it at 60,000 years. Needless to say you wont get another chance to see this again in your lifetime. Details can be found here. That explains all the Mars probes being launched over the last few months.

Bit-Tech have an article about mousepad modding.

Apparently wearing a tie is bad for your eyes! As if another excuse was needed to get rid of them.

PapaSurf spotted a story about someone flying across the English Channel with a carbon-fibre wing strapped to his back. Crazy!

DeepSpring sent in this article about copyright law, which is mostly relevant to the USA I guess, but it dispels some myths about use of copyright materials.

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