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Early Saturday Morning (16 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 9-August-2003  04:00:02 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Some snippets from eDust: Sun demonstrated a 3D desktop called Mad Hatter. Printers that can print 3D (physical) objects are a little closer. IBM demonstrates a Playstation running the AS/400 operating system. SCO is now demanding US$32 for every device with embedded Linux. Microsoft will release a version of Windows optimised for AMD's Athlon 64.

Boky spotted some cool uses for Bluetooth.

Sabretooth sent in this smoke screen.. no really, a PC image projected onto a controlled "wall" of fog. Very cool.

HardCoreWare checked out four power supplies.

Argent says that excessive internet use could be classified as a disorder soon. I'm probably a textbook case!

Ever wonder why spammers bother to keep sending out so much spam? Well, some of them are making bucketloads of cash, that's why.. thanks Bigiain.

Now you can play "The Hunt for Saddam" in your computer room, with a glowing Saddam Hussein casebadge on your PC. That'll go nicely with your George W. Bush doll, thanks corky.

decryption sent word that someone has shrunk a bootable version of Win95 down to under 5MB.

Telstra are apparently slowing the expansion of their ADSL network soon, thanks Crusterminator.

Daniel noticed this article about cyber-atheletes and the CPL.. some people who take their fun very seriously.

Tigger spotted this overclocking dial from PCChips.

AMD have acquired the Information Appliance unit of National Semiconductor, thanks Draffa.

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