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Tuesday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 12-August-2003  03:44:40 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Seagate have a new range of 2.5" hard drives, for laptops and other small or portable devices. They're called Momentus and Xbit reviewed some.

Argent spotted this WiFi speed spray. Looks very handy! Reminds me of this bash.org quote. Warning: bash.org contains occasional strong language, some adult themes and has been known to make entire days vanish.

Interesting idea here from Frato, a DIY games console designed to teach you about how the hardware works. It's a commercial product, though.

Also from Argent, some more on Bayesian filters: Wouldn't this be just soooooo cool?! Spammer sends spam to you, Bayesian spam filter blocks it, Bayesian filter fights back and disables spammer's servers :P

Squidgy_Poodle spotted this chat log about Half-Life 2, which mentions that the FSAA bug has apparently been fixed and it now works on all video cards.

Hojo noticed some TheInq info on USB drivers for DOS.

TheTechReport compared VIA PT400 and SiS648FX chipsets for P4 motherboards with 800MHz bus support and single-channel DDR400 memory controllers. Do you really need the dual-channel DDR400 provided by other chipsets to get the most out of an 800MHz-FSB P4? They try to find out.

OCAddiction have a custom watercooling project posted.

ExtremeMHz have a guide to DVD burning and playback.

ClubOC have a roundup of AeroCool Heatsinks.

Schrambo found this article about IT certification and training.

From IMF: I got this interesting new flash drive from PQI call "Intelligent Stick" ranging from 16mb to 512mb. I bought a 128mb version at a swap meet for $70. It is the smallest flash drive in the world at the moment, 43mm x 18mm x 2.8mm in total size. It's got a orange color LED indicator under the purple plastic. I transfered a 100mb of file onto it in one min. It comes with a credit card size HARD transparent storage box (for storing 2 of the flash drives). Product info here. IMF sent along two pics, they're here and here.

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