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Early Friday Morning (5 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 15-August-2003  01:01:35 (GMT +10) - by Agg

From Sabot68: I thought that everybody might like to know that new Nvidia drivers that are WHQL certified have been released. Driver version now 45.23. They can be found here. Sniper spotted that these drivers hint at some unannounced products from NVIDIA.

Enigma notes that Four ASUS Motherboards: P4P800, P4P800 Deluxe, P4C800 P4C800-E Deluxe now support the Intel IAA3.5 Driver. What's that? From the website: Intel IAA 3.5 is an all-new driver for the Intel ICH5R South Bridge to provide RAID level 0 and 1 functions on two Serial ATA ports. The previous edition only offered RAID level 0 functions.

OCAddiction threw some off-the-shelf components into a case mod.

TomsHardware checked out ten nForce2 Ultra 400 motherboards for SocketA CPUs, thanks Skorpian. GamingIn3D compared two such motherboards from Epox and FIC.

Bjorn3D wondered if skinning Windows would affect gaming performance.

ModAsylum got some glowing Molex connectors happening.

Looks like Outlook Express is on the way out, thanks NickSTAR.

Ever wonder what happened to the Razer Boomslang mouse products? Seems they're now called Terratec Razer Mystify Boomslang - and CrazyModders compared the 2100 model to a Logitech MX500.

From Stmok: GamePC.com have got their hands on Asus’s SK8N Opteron Motherboard. What's funny is the fact that the Opteron in this review is running at 1.6Ghz and can give processors which run twice its speed a run for its money in certain benchmarks! (Talk about efficiency!) And speaking of efficient, Transmeta is soon to launch a new processor that can rival their current competitors: Transmeta Efficeon™ processor. This was formerly known as "Astro" or TM8000. Early demos indicated that "clock for clock" it can give the Mobile Pentium 4 a serious run for its money. This Earnings Report will give you an idea when to expect an Efficeon powered notebook.

Alderwood, Alviso, Grantsdale, Lakeport. What are they? Upcoming Intel chipsets, and ARP has the scoop.

From Gunna: Heres a link for extreme over heating and the effects. Pretty sure they must add something under the chip to get the desired effects. Still looks pretty cool. About 12mb per clip. I watched the first video, impressive but definitely looks staged. Good for impressing the n00bs tho. :)

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