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Early Sunday Morning News (7 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 17-August-2003  01:59:24 (GMT +10) - by Gibbon

First up from Darkness, some Doom 3 multiplayer screenies, gamma ray weapons, "Octane" energy gel - perfect for when you run out of proton pills, a farting whale, some pretty groovy military robots, and a very cool self balancing wheelchair.

Gary_J spotted a rather schmick new 8MP Sony digicam. I hope my Nikon didn't see me reading that article. Hmmm, nope, I think I'm safe. It looks like it was busy trying to take a closeup photo of my cat!

PinoyPC have published an editorial entitled "Why Benchmarks are Overused and Awards are Overrated". Interesting read.

Hitachi have developed a projector that can project onto a plain glass surface, such as a shopfront window. I can imagine the annoying advertising potential already. Thanks Murray.

Techware Labs have reviewed seven different thermal pastes. It must be thermal paste day today, because Tweaktown have also reviewed three. I'm still using the same tube of original arctic silver from three or four years ago. Maybe I should "upgrade" pastes one day ...

Want to get some serious liquid cooling happening but don't want to shell out for some off-the-shelf fancy schmancy setup? Water-Cooling.com have jigged up a chilled water setup using an old water cooler and a home made waterblock. Nice results.

Sniper sent in news that Los Alamos National Labs, the US nuclear research facility, will be building two large Opteron clusters, totalling over 3,300 processors. Hmm, nice. I wonder if they'd mind joining the OCAU folding team?

A new Desert Combat patch has been released, version 0.39k (138MB). You can get it from AusGamers. It requires Desert Combat 0.38 and Battlefield 1942 v1.4 or higher.

It seems the processor that's touted to run the upcoming Playstation 3 console, called a "cell" processor could well be a beast. "While the processor's design is still under wraps, the companies say Cell's capabilities will allow it to deliver 1 trillion calculations per second (teraflop) or more of floating-point calculations. It will have the ability to do north of 1 trillion mathematical calculations per second, roughly 100 times more than a single Pentium 4 chip running at 2.5GHz.". Big call. Very big call. More information on ZDNet Australia. Thanks Trojan.

Dan has completed another epic letters column, number 59! Read on, for advice on such topics as de-coking a keyboard and the ergonomics of cordless mice, and discussion of equipment destruction and scratched monitor screens. I seriously hope whoever wrote the last letter isn't reading this. If you are, please give yourself an uppercut!

Final word for tonight is from Mitch01, who'd like to remind Sydney OCAU revheads that the 2003 OCAU/RedlineGTi Sydney Dyno Day is on later today. "Full details and how to get there here. Full BBQ and Drinks will be available for no "dynoers" at a small cost, and trophies and novelty prizes will be given out to Dyno'rs in certain categories". Kicks off in less than 6 hours!

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