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Monday Night News (9 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 25-August-2003  22:49:09 (GMT +10) - by Gibbon

First up tonight, VR-Zone have published a VIA KT600 motherboard roundup. Nine motherboards in total. More information here.

A bit of information over on X-bit labs about the upcoming AMD Athlon 64 FX "San Diego". Thanks Sniper.

Some news from Tekka. The Japanese government has challenged hackers to breach the security protecting a network holding sensitive personal information on Japanese citizens. Bold move. More information here. Some new DVD copying software is causing a bit of a stink, Windows XP SP2 not due till mid-2004, and "Toshiba has launched what it claims is the thinnest, lightest and smallest hard drive-based portable music player yet to grace the market." Looks quite nice. More information here. Hard disk based MP3 players rock ... nothing like carrying a couple of thousand songs around with you! Thanks Tekka.

The dyke is breaking! Greg Dyke that is, Director General of the BBC, and he's breaking open the BBC archives for free download! Imagine all those episodes of "Love Thy Neighbour" waiting patiently to become part of my collection! Thanks Brendan.

Seems Microsoft may be cracking down on third party Messenger clients. "Starting October 15, users of older MSN clients must upgrade or they will be unable to connect to the service, says Microsoft. .... Third-party clients, which Microsoft labels 'unauthorized', will also be adversely affected by the change." Thanks Tenoq.

Are you into heatpipes? Want a fully heatpiped system? Check out these photos of a new Zalman case, using heatpipes for cooling of every component (and in the process turning itself into one big heatsink). Nice.

Looks like the good old ABC will be screening Dr Who again, at 6pm on Monday to Thursday nights, starting September 15. Thanks Shannell!

8BallsHardware have some photos of a watercooled OEM PC from NEC in this forum thread. I wonder what will be the next cool (pun intended) hardcore cooling method now that watercooling has become mainstream? (pun again intended).

Following that theme, it looks like watercooled PCs could become even quieter if technology reported on New Scientist takes off. Silent waterpumps powered by electro-osmosis, with no moving parts. Thanks OzWolfbane.

Finally, a very nice watercooled rig in the PCDB called The_Original_Jobe. Looks like a pretty decent job(e)! Hehe, I need sleep.

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