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Tuesday Afternoon (5 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 16-September-2003  16:52:07 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Tempus noticed that StorageReview have the scoop on some upcoming bigger, faster Raptor drives. We really liked the original Raptors, as seen in our two-part review here and here. The new ones sound very tasty indeed! 74-gigabyte capacity ... 72 MB/sec outer-zone transfer rates ... 4.5 millisecond seek time.

AquaMark 3 has been released. I'll be checking this out soon with an eye to adding it to our standard benchmarks. There's a thread in our Video Cards forum here with some opinions.

More things going on in space, with stuff going up and stuff going down.

HardwareAnalysis took a tour of a Dell facility, to see what work goes into shipping thousands of PC's a day.

Xbit have a guide to choosing memory for your P4-based system.

From munkiboy (I think): Next step in copy protection on CDs, Starwars style holodisplay, Gameboy advance works as a video phone!

GideonTech have some PSU modding happening.

SubZeroTech compare some Logitech peripherals.

GamersDepot checked out a pre-built PC which is watercooled with glowing bits and everything. Perfect for the PC modder with no time to actually mod a PC. They also have an interview with the guy behind the idea. It's all fine until you turn up to a LAN party and someone has the exact same "custom" PC as you. :)

Slick says that stolen or lost mobile phones will be blocked across all GSM networks in Australia from September 15, the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Authority has announced. About time! Anyone thinking about stealing or receiving a stolen phone will now have to think twice before getting it reconnected, Chalker said in the report.

TV not depressing you enough? Now you can get all the "cultural experience" of American Idol on your very own PC thanks to the official game.. thanks mitch01. Or perhaps an ebay boardgame is more your style, thanks Chris.

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