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Mid Week News (10 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 17-September-2003  14:49:24 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

First up, another SSH security hole has been uncovered and it seems to have the potential to be very nasty for those who don't patch-up quick. Thanks yyk.

According to this link from Shonky Man, Microsoft is set to release some new wireless products "including base stations, PC desktop and notebook wireless adaptors, and the first-ever wireless adaptor for the Xbox video game system".

The folks at Xbit-Labs went along to the latest Intel Developer Forum and want to show you what they saw.

OcPrices recently posted an article on the new AMD XP packaging technique, which prevented unlocking for older motherboards, or their use in Dual CPU boards. They have now found a solution to this problem.

More news in the RIAA Vs The World saga, nothing earth shattering though. I've heard that they want to charge people who whistle tunes in public places, but thats probably just a rumour :)

If you think you have data storage problems, try finding the room for "one gigabit of data per second over the 25 days". Thats the amount of data generated by some of the worlds radio astronomy systems. Read more here.

From Tekka, "Your Xbox has a bug that is costing Bill money". That bug is called "The ability to run Linux", and Microsoft want to patch your XBox for free.

Also from Tekka, If you want to pretty up your Windows desktop, NTFS.org have an Active Desktop Tutorial for you.

Dan has more letters for you. This time he rants on about "bogus virus warnings, double barrelled network cards, drive alignment, lengthy audio recording with a weeny MP3 player, a twin-disc oddity, cheap IBM keyboards, a crummy alternative to an iPod, recovering lost gigabytes, a mysterious problem I couldn't quite figure out".

From Febs, "Verisign are resolving ALL non-existent .com and .net domains to one of their own servers -" Now thats just taking advertising to a new low level. Read more about it in The Forums.

Finally, there's a LAN on this weekend on the Gold Coast. Check out GameServe for all the details.

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