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Monday News (8 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 22-September-2003  11:40:32 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

GeekShelter have not one, but two new articles for us today. Starting with a Beginners Guide to MySQL and also a PHP for Newbies article. Maybe Agg should give them a read :).

Do those annoying 'Messenger Service' pop-ups keep interrupting your work and games on your Windows ME/2000/XP machine? In this article, PCReview show you how to disable them.

X-Bit Labs have the low down on Intels new CPU coolers, sporting Bifurcated Fin Geometry. Couldn't they just say "Split Fin"? Thanks Sniper.

Got a million dollars spare? Need a new keyboard? You need one of these! A bit steep I think. I wouldn't pay more than $500,000 for one. Thanks StormCyko.

For those of us getting ready to jump on the 64bit bandwagon, Pyro found an interesting article which claims that Prescott has 64-bit compatibility built in. I can't find any more info about it at this stage but I'm sure that more will filter through in the next few days. This could make things very interesting.

Migishu tells us that [H]ardOCP have some info about The Phantom console from Infinium Labs, said to be the next rival to the XBox. That is, if it ever becomes more than just a Phantom.

G3D have an SIS 648FX Chipset Overview for you.

Amdmb.com has posted an updated video card roundup which includes the Radeon 9700, Radeon 9500, FX5900 Ultra, FX5600, FX5200 and Ti4800SE.

Dan talks at us about PVR's and why we don't have them in Australia. "Whats a PVR?" I hear you ask. A Personal Video Recorder is what it is and Dan has the low down.

Telstra want to save money. So they are switching to "Sun Java Desktop", or "Mad Hatter" as others know it. More info here. Thanks Dink.

Enscape put some memory to the test head to head. They are TwinMOS PC3200 with Winbond chips (2x256Mb) and Mushkin PC3500.

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