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Athlon 64 and Pentium4 "Extreme Edition" Reviews (12 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 24-September-2003  12:24:03 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

Today marks the official Australian launch of AMD's Athlon 64 CPU range featuring the Athlon 64 and Athlon 64 FX. While the Opteron CPU has been available for some time now it is aimed squarely at the high end/server arena. With the Athlon 64 release, these new additions to the 64 bit range are headed more for the desktop/enthusiast market.

By pure coincidence, Intel have released the Pentium 4 "Extreme Edition" at the same time as the AMD release. The P4 "EE", as it has come to be known, is basically an Intel Xeon CPU with an L3 cache totalling 2MB. Just what this addition adds to the performance stakes is yet to be seen but some of the reviews below will give us a good idea of what we can expect.

Agg has had a chance to review the Athlon 64 FX-51 and for me at least, the results were surprising. So while you contemplate the finances required for your next upgrade, here are some more reviews of these new CPUs:

Athlon 64 at The Tech Report
Athlon 64 FX-51 at HotHardware
Athlon 64 FX-51 at Lost Circuits
Athlon 64 FX-51 at Gamers Depot
Athlon 64 FX-51 at Legit Reviews
Athlon 64 FX-51 and Athlon 64 at AMDMB
Athlon 64 and FX-51 at AMDZone
Athlon 64 and FX-51 vs Pentium 4 "Extreme Edition" at [H]ardOCP
Athlon 64 and FX-51 vs Pentium 4 "Extreme Edition" at X-bit Labs
Athlon 64 and FX-51 vs Pentium 4 "Extreme Edition" at Sudhian

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