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Thursday Morning (3 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 25-September-2003  01:58:47 (GMT +10) - by Agg

More Athlon64 reviews: AnandTech, AcesHardware, UKGamer, FiringSquad, ExtremeTech, TomsHardware, Hexus, AthlonXP, PCStats, Sudhian and SimHQ.

Other Athlon64 stuff: Asetek slapped one into their WaterChill product and overclocked it. ULi, a spinoff of ALi, is set to take on nVIDIA and VIA in the Athlon64 chipset market, thanks Ambush. Shuttle have an Athlon64 mini-PC, reviewed on SFFTech and Tech-Report.

More Computex stuff: OCNZ, Hardware Analysis, Legion Hardware, NinjaLane, TweakTown, TBreak, TechBits and AnandTech. HardOCP checked out the VIA Technology Forum while they were in Taiwan.

In the wake of several scandals about video driver optimisation affecting their benchmarking products, Futuremark Corp have published these guidelines for driver optimisation in future. As a summary, all 3DMark specific optimizations are prohibited. Additionally, all generic optimizations that change the rendering quality requested by 3DMark are prohibited.

Microsoft are shutting down the free MSN Chat service around the world due to concerns about spammers and predators, thanks yyk. Note that this isn't their Instant Messenger product.

Half-Life 2 has been officially delayed, thanks neo.

Dan has more letters.

Some PSU modding articles: turning one into a "test unit" on ExtensionTech and getting more juice from your 3.3v line on BleedingEdge.

More of the usual whacky stuff on ZZZ Online.

Today's timewaster is a Windows-based game from reefa: A friend of mine has asked me to try and help promote a pc game he has just finished working on, it is a free remake of the classic 8bit Speccy/c64 game Head over Heels. Go check it out here!

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