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Saturday Morning (7 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 27-September-2003  02:42:42 (GMT +10) - by Agg

TweakTown have days three, four and five of their Computex coverage posted. NinjaLane have their day 3 and day 4 reports.

More Athlon64 stuff: SharkyExtreme, TecNation and TheInq (vs P4 EE, thanks Pugsley_21).

From Iroquois: An install of Linux on an Opteron. New chipset from SiS for Athlon 64 enters production. The largest Arctic ice shelf crumbles.

P2C C2P Concurrency? PCI#2 Access #1 Retry? ARP have updated their BIOS optimisation guide with a zillion new settings and what they mean.

SubZeroTech have a small preview of some hot new features that DFI, the makers of the Lanparty series of motherboards, is unveiling in their new series of motherboards. The most notable feature is “CMOS Reloaded”.

Dan has flashy things to play with, yet again.

OCModShop have a guide to tape masking for your modding projects. Once that's done, Spode's will tell you how to braid cables.

Apparently Microsoft have put a stop to magazines including their software on cover CD's. This includes service packs and other things that take hours and hours to download on dialup, thanks Dink.

ClubOC checked out the P4 2.4C. With most Overclockers using AMD processors, the big dark secret about the "C" model Intel Pentium 4 was slow getting out. Today I'm here to let the cat out of the bag, the Intel C Model P4 processors are the most overclockable CPUs we have ever seen! Jeez, someone needs to spend more time in our Intel Hardware forum. :)

PC slow when you rightclick in Explorer? Shonky Man spotted this fix.

From Enthalpy: Mini-itx.com have exclusive pics of VIA's latest. 1GHz C3 processor on a 12cm x 12cm form factor. Same size as a CD jewel case. This puppy has SODIMM slots, Mini-PCI and even a SATA port!! (as well as standard IDE). Been slashdotted so may be slow. EPIACenter.com also claim to have exclusive pics. I will call it.. mini-mini-PC.

Dink spotted some more progress on the electronic paper front.

HardwareZoom compared a couple of colour laser printers.

Ben sent in today's timewaster, which is some kind of cow simulation. :)

From RobsGT4: Just letting you know that OCAU Team Green Seti has hit 1 MILLION work units completed, and our top 2 members(PeterD and myself) have hit 50,000 work units each. PsyKo Billy and myself just had a bit of a dump off to push us over the mark, but every one in the team past and present should be congratulated. Zzapped sent in this forum thread about the milestone. Nice one!

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