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Wednesday Afternoon News (6 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 5-November-2003  16:15:34 (GMT +10) - by Gibbon

Not sure if we've mentioned this before, but an Israeli company is developing an optical processor, capable of 8 trillion operations per second. Is this the future of processor technology? Thanks KryZak.

RivaTuner 2.0 RC14.1 (for ATI and nVidia cards) has been released, allowing you to tweak those otherwise unavailable driver options for your card. You can get it from Guru3D. While we're talking drivers, version 3.13 of nVidia's nForce driver package has also been released. You can grab it from nVidia here. Thanks to those who sent that in.

PimpRig have published a guide to working with acrylic, for all those case modders out there who like a transparent outlook on life.

Forums member PersianImmortal has written a tweaking guide for Halo .... and it looks pretty good. Some handy tips there.

Anyone noticed any Telstra staff rummaging around at their local rubbish tip lately? Seems they've lost something. "Email back-up tapes from five government departments and agencies recording correspondence classified as protected were lost in the incident involving IT contractor, Telstra Enterprise Services." Thanks barywhite.

3DAvenue are giving away lots of Judge Dredd stuff in a fairly simple competition.

Dan's letters column is now up to edition 70! "Letters Three Score and Ten has hit the Web. This time, I gabble as usual about SFF PSUs, wireless video, backup bargains, USB and Y/C connections, digital TV glitches, walls full of Cat5, laserdisc versus DVD (again), and more. Including one poor soul so deluded that he's actually asking _me_ for career advice."

Arstechnica's Apple arm, Mac.Ars takes on Apple's quality control in an editorial. There's nothing worse than dodgy fruit.

More than 34 years after the Parkes Radio Telescope helped broadcast pictures of the first moonwalk, NASA are using the dish again. "US ambassador Tom Schieffer yesterday visited the western NSW town to launch the radio telescope's new role in tracking a fleet of probes exploring Mars and the outer limits of the solar system."

Hot on the heels of rumours that Google might become a publicly listed company, it seems that Microsoft might be interested in inhaling it. Also, 5.1 surround from 1.1 speakers? Interesting. Thanks pelliott.

Interesting thread in our forums at the moment detailing how to go about implanting some UV goodness into your PC. I'm not a huge fan of flashing and/or glowing PC bits myself, but there are a few interesting ideas there. Might even get a half decent tan out of it! Thanks Tom.

Finally for today, in a case of reality TV going from stupid to really, really stupid, it seems there's Something about Miriam that I'm pretty sure I'd rather not know. How much longer must the world endure this crappy form of "entertainment". Thanks Sue (I think!).

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