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Thursday News (7 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 6-November-2003  12:48:18 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

When the MSBlast virus and SOBIG worm were let loose a couple of months ago, they caused all kinds of headaches for many business and home users alike. In a surprise move, Microsoft is offering a bounty on those responsible for the creation and release of the virus. US$250,000 in each case for information which leads to the arrest of the culprits. Read more here and here. Thanks to all those who sent in the links.

While we're on the topic, update your virus definitions today, as there are a few more new nasties on the way in the form of 5 new worms.

Internet dumping, or dial-up hijacking is on the rise. Unsuspecting people are being tricked (or simply not informed) into installing software which disconnects their modem from the internet then redials using an international number at a cost of up to $160 per hour. Very sad when you receive the $5000 phone bill. From Oh-Smeg.

Futurelooks have had a talk to Tim Stamper of Rare, and the man behind "Donkey Kong Country" about his insights on the gaming industry and Nintendo in particular.

A few pieces from Dink: DRM (Digital Rights Management) is set to hit free-to-air TV. Sony plans Playstation Portable (PSP) handheld gaming console. And just how does Coca-Cola's new GPS promotion work.

CyberCPU.net take a look at the recording industry and ask a few questions, like "O.....Kay. So I am not allowed to listen to it?" Read the full article. It's worth it.

Some news pieces from the Linux arena: An interesting write-up on Addaboy: "Let's face it. Linux on the desktop is not working. I'm not saying it isn't working for you, the power user who has sworn off Windows no matter what. I'm talking about everyone else, the 95% of people that studies from various source have shown use Windows as their desktop OS". Full article here. Long time industry stalwart Novell has agreed to purchase SUSE Linux AG, and as a mark of "industry friendship" IBM has purchased 5% of Novell. Red Hat have decided to wind up their free Linux products. Thanks for the links guys.

HardAvenue have a roundup of mousepads. I can just see them chasing those things around a paddock.

For those who haven't already found out, there are some new nForce Drivers out. Version 3.13 drivers have been installed by many now and the reports are varied, with some saying they are happy with them and others not so.

Some weekly words of wisdom at Ripnet.

Those new G5 Macs must be pretty good. Even Microsoft is buying them. lol, Thanks Richie.

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