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Thursday Night (18 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 20-November-2003  22:06:35 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The site was down for about an hour earlier, sorry about that.. Thor was coughing up a few hairballs. Thanks to the lads from AusGamers for getting us going again.

It's been a bit quiet from me over the last few days, because I've been moving house. Still got a zillion boxes to unpack, but at least I have the laptop and internet access sorted out. Thanks to Mred32 and Gibbon for keeping things going on the newspage in the meantime. :)

AMDMB have a 10-way power supply roundup posted, including units from Aerocool, Antec, Enermax, PC Power and Cooling, Raidtronics, Vantec and Zalman. Each unit was placed through a rigorous amount of testing that looks at the AC noise levels, DC output regulation, Power factor and much more.

I haven't looked through the PCDB for a while, here's 3 nicely-finished glowy PC's from Nerotic, Equinoz and a clear one from sh0gunate.

Zalman's "passive case" concept has been floating around for a while and there's been a lot of speculation about it over the last few months. NordicHardware got their hands on a prototype and have a preview of it. Instead of putting a cooler into your PC, you put your PC into a cooler! Heatpipes everywhere.

JimX spotted a funny page of real 999 calls, from the UK equivalent of dialling 000.

ComputerAssociates are apparently giving away antivirus software to Windows users - well, it's free to use for a year. Annoyingly, the download URL in that article is blocked by an ad when I view the page. Anyway, AVG Antivirus is free (indefinitely) for "single home users" and seems to work pretty well here.

Dan has yet more letters, this time with some info on cooling.

Xenon is building himself a wireless antenna and has some pics on his website.

Asetek sent word that they have some new WaterChill kits on the way. More interestingly, they have dropped the prices by up to 50%. We reviewed the original WaterChill kit here not long ago and are supposedly receiving some of these new bits to do an updated review. Our original review was in a YY Cube case which made things a little tricky, but Cvidler's PCDB entry shows the original kit installed in a more conventional tower case.

There's some interesting Microsoft Matrix Parody screen-captures from Comdex 2003 on Hinjing.

I think we missed this one when they put it up, but HardOCP have an editorial about synthetic benchmarking from a week ago.

Also from the PCDB: CatSailor has updated his very nice homemade-waterchiller machine. [M] is using the water for something else entirely.

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