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Thursday Morning (7 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 27-November-2003  01:07:51 (GMT +10) - by Agg

From Darkness, some info about the computing power behind the new Lord of the Rings film. The Return of the King, which opens in theaters December 17, will feature almost 50 percent more f/x shots than The Two Towers and will be composed of more data than the first two movies combined. Churning out scenes like the destruction of Barad-dr and the Battle of Pelennor Fields (with thousands of bloodthirsty CG Orcs) took 3,200 processors running at teraflop speeds through 10-gig pipes.

Moore's so-called Law seems to have remained intact for another generation, thanks Murray. Using 65nm design rules, Intel announced this week that it has made fully functional 4MB SRAMs with a cell size of 0.57 microns2 -- small enough to maintain Moore's Law of density doubling every two years.

Aftahours spotted new VIA Hyperion drivers available, version 4.50.

Funny Mac Eye for the PC Guy comic over on JoyOfTech, thanks Greg.

FreakGamer went to the Australian Game Developers Conference, and have coverage of the Academic Summit, as well as days 1, 2 and 3.

Digital-Daily rounded up 13 motherboards based on Intel's 865PE/875P/865P/865G chipsets.

Xbit ponder the desktop CPU market and wonder where Intel is going.

It seems that FutureMark have a PCMark04 release coming soon.. there's previews of this benchmarking program on D-Silence, BurnOutPC and DVHardware.

Moving call-centres overseas to save money isn't always a good idea, as Dell are discovering, thanks Josh.

Pimprig have their Comdex 2003 Coverage posted.

MP3.com is apparently going away soon, to be reborn as a pay site. Can't say I'm too impressed about that, thanks AzonIc.

MPU is in Sydney on the 13th of December, info here, thanks Distress.

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