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Monday Morning (3 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 8-December-2003  05:04:56 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

Some good news for Bigpond Broadband users. Telstra has published its new Unlimited Data products, and the plans look quite good. With pricing from $69.95 for 10Gig then unlimited shaped data at 64k, which is slightly faster than dial-up, after that. This is a move in the right direction for Telstra and most of the comments on Whirlpool seem to be positive. We have a thread about it in the forums. Info also on Whirlpool.

Viper Lair have had a chat with Ben Boyden from VIA, and they talk about such things as V-MAP, DualStream64 and Ultra V-Link.

Mr Chilled notes that the spyware free file-sharing client Kazaa-Lite, has been shut down by the spyware rich, file sharing people at Sharman Networks, the owners of Kazaa. Can't blame them really I guess. Read more on /.

How about a Windows XP box in a Windows XP box. Mini-ITX machines are being put into just about anything these days but I really like the idea of this one. Windows within Windows. Thanks Justin.

Monster Hardware have a five way waterblock shootout. Block include DTek’s TC-4, Spir@l and White Water, Swiftech’s MCW5002, and the "famed and mythic Cascade from Little River Waterblocks in Australia".

Informationweek have had a chat with Bill Gates, actually, its a rather lengthy talk. "If you give out your phone number to somebody, they can call you at any time. Now, why isn't there software that works on your behalf that decides, I'm sorry I gave my phone number to that person." Full article here.

How would you like to have a T-shirt logo that changes at the press of a ...err...button? Digital displays on just about any surface. Electronic Ink might be the answer to your prayers, or your worst nightmare.

On Beyond3D you can read about what the future has in store for DirectX, and DirectX Next!

Video distribution gone wrong! Vicar gives out porn films. oops. Thanks David.

It's Dan's letters time again. Laptop power, outdoor LEDs, TV output, inverter cooling, ear lamps, Raidmax hunting, zoom lenses, cat vision, and hair care. Is there no question that Dan can't answer?

Virtual Hideout are giving away a PolyGFX CaseSkin and Ratpadz Skin. No mention of who can or can't enter, so give it a go.

Uberbanzai says "Me and a few mates have organised another NnLAN for the 15/16th of December." Full details available here.

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