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Friday Goodness (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 19-December-2003  21:53:47 (GMT +10) - by Torment

The New Year is almost upon us and more importantly Christmas :), hope everyone gets what they want (and/or deserve), anyway onto the news…..

Xbitlabs has an article on NVIDIA and its addition of a firewall (capability) into its Athlon 64-bit supporting chipset due out next year.

Wired.com and C|Net.com are reporting that Realworks has slapped Microsoft with a $1 Billion dollar antitrust suit.. Basically saying that Microsoft has been using Windows as a Monopoly and putting Windows Media Player in every version of Windows thereby hurting business for them..... imo it was a long time coming

Toms Hardware Guide has some little juicies, they review some External Hard Drives from Seagate and Maxtor here. They have a look at about 25 computer cases here.They also have a look at a new Mobile Athlon64+ 3000 Notebook and compare it to a Dell 8600 Notebook here.

A press release from Fujitsu and Red Hat state that they are going into joint development for Linux, more on that over at the Fujitsu Website

ExtremeTech have an article about the Return of S3.

Zdnet.co.uk is reporting that VeriSign has bought managed security firm Guardent for $140 Million (US), as its seeking to expand into computer security.

NEC is to demo a new blue and red laser technology all in one unit which is co-developed with Toshiba at the Consumer Electronics in Las Vegas next month. They also state that they don't expect to be shipping any until 2005. More info over at the Reg

From the Reuters, Intel is expecting to make Chips for Digital TVs. From the article it sounds good for us all, hopefully it will also mean cheaper TVs. …..hmmm Digital…..

While on the topic of Intel the Inquirer states that Intel is to start selling WiMax chips in the second quarter of 2004. The 802.16a broadband chip will throw data over the aether at speeds of 70Mbs and at distance of a staggering 50 kilometres.

Wired is also reporting that the Segway is not doing so well in Europe as its banned in most parts of it. Apparently because its classed as a "New Vehicle" and has to pass some tests, imo they should have already figured that out....

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