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Wednesday Morning (3 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 24-December-2003  03:33:10 (GMT +10) - by Agg

I hate Sony. Well, not all of Sony. Just the guy who decided to make F4 the volume control key on my laptop. Half the time when I go to adjust my volume, instead of hitting Fn-F4 I hit Alt-F4 and close a heap of windows. Grr.

Microsoft are taking serious steps to stop spammers.. more info on their site here. This is great news. On a similar note, Wired have an article about the American CAN-SPAM legislation which comes into effect on Jan 1.

There's a lot of Mars probes reaching the red planet over the next month or so. Hopefully they'll be more successful than other recent attempts.

Sudhian have some questions and answers about various IT topics.

LostCircuits have an article continuing their hard drive technology series.

There's a nice beefy dual 3GHz Xeon box from cvidler in the PCDB.

LegitReviews took a tour of the Corsair factory. I've been using Corsair memory for years and it continues to impress.

FuXToR notes that "DVD Jon", who wrote and released the DeCSS program to decrypt DVD's, has had his acquittal upheld, keeping him a free man.

HardOCP have an article about AMD's A64 3000+.. what they think it means about where AMD is going.

Guru3D have a Christmas PC buyer's guide posted.. my guide would be to buy it about a week ago if you wanted it for xmas!

NordicHardware compared four SFF mini-PC's from Soltek, Shuttle and ABIT.

FREF spotted an interesting article on xbit, about how a high-end GPU can out-perform a high-end CPU several times over.

Things might get a little slow on the newspage over the next few days, as people are doing xmas stuff. Hope you all have a good one!

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