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Friday News (9 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 2-January-2004  03:31:34 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

It feels like weeks since I've posted some news. Actually, it has been weeks. Christmas and New Year are a busy time for a night shift taxi driver. I hope everyone came through the silly season unscathed. Anyway, on with the news.

It looks like someone has found a way to unlock the new 'super locked Athlons'. I haven't found any other confirmation of this yet but I'll be keeping my ears open. Check it out here.

Spirobekis found this article at IPKonfig which asks whether AMD has Castrated Overclockers ...err... Overclocking.

Overclockers New Zealand have posted a Mid Range Graphic Card roundup, while NordicHardware have a Twelve card roundup. From a 5200 up to 9800 XT, tested in 11 games.

FB008 and Wilko note that the THG Crew have managed to get a P4 to over 5Ghz using Liquid Nitrogen. Cool!

Has the power of the Internet been downgraded from a near godlike status to a mere household chore? It seems that many people think so. Thanks Spirobekis.

ARNnet have a preview of Longhorn, Windows 2006. "Internet Explorer, meanwhile, at last includes a pop-up blocker just as every other Web browser in the world does, as well as plug-in and download managers and a convenient tracks-covering feature that clears all cache, cookie, history, and personal data." About time too. Read the article here. Thanks FuXToR.

An interesting mod over at ModAsylum. "The purpose of this mod is to replace the standard "power on" button of your pc with a floppy disk, and replacing the unused floppy drives LED to display HDD activity".

Here's a good way to share your Internet connection with your neighbor, even if he's 35Kms away. From patto.

Legit Reviews have posted a Best of 2003 list. Some nice goodies from last year, while ChEEkY ChiNo says that CNN have some things to look forward to for this year.

Draffa says "The Prequel to Babylon 5: I've Found Her, Danger and Opportunity, has been officially abandoned by Space Dream Works and released to the public. It's playable, has realistic physics and is (obviously) located in the Babylon 5 universe. Grab the file from their download page or from Fileshack."

Banshee points out that the Catalyst 3.10 Drivers are available.

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