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Saturday Night (6 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 3-January-2004  22:42:20 (GMT +10) - by Agg

There's a few "best of 2003" articles floating around, from ipKonfig, ViperLair and Bit-Tech. While we're looking backwards, SiliconValley have a list of dubious achievements in computing for 2003, while Yahoo list their eight biggest tech flops ever. CNN on the other hand have some tech predictions for 2004.

TheModFathers have a detailed article about getting into SMP, if you've decided that one CPU in your PC just isn't enough. If you want more info, head on over to our SMP and Clustering forum.

THW01F has updated his POWER and the GLORY PCDB entry, which is still an impressive project months after we first saw it.

Xaolin pointed out this meandering rant about GTA:VC turning our kids into psychopaths. Uuurgh, I don't know where to begin with that one. Actually, Penny-Arcade have a (strong language) counter-rant from the perspective of gamers who aren't psychopaths despite exposure to these video games of such luxuriously violent and disgusting content as to leave one simply speechless.

Speaking of which, Yorky says: The multiplayer addon for GTA:VC has been released at version 0.3r2 and can be seen here, forum thread here and mirrored for download at Ausgamers here.

No more watching TV while you drive.. if you live in California.

HardOCP have an article about upgrading to Prescott on your current P4 motherboard.

Hypothermia are giving away their Killer Gaming Rig 10 to anyone in the world. P4 3.2GHz EE, Radeon 9800XT 256MB, a gig of Corsair XMS4000 etc.. mmm, tasty.

CreativeMods have an interview with a female modder.. err, not someone who mods females, but a 17yo girl who has done up her case in a green theme.

ARP have a guide to replacing your Radeon cooler with something better.

I think we've mentioned this already, but Volnhar says the latest nasty worm spreads via MSN Messenger.. actually, it doesn't seem all that nasty.

If you're using an ATI card in Xfree86 under Linux, there's some new drivers which might interest you.. version 3.7.0, thanks Jingler.

TheInq say that Intel may lose the performance crown if AMD release an A64 3400+ soon. As if on cue, Xbit note that the A64 3400+ has appeared for sale on some web-stores. It may be announced by AMD as early as the 5th of January, this coming Monday, thanks Sniper.

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