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Early Tuesday Morning News (16 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 6-January-2004  00:28:43 (GMT +10) - by Gibbon

Well, a belated Merry Christmas from me .... yeah, I know it was weeks ago, but I haven't done news for a while! Hope you all had a good holiday season. I packed away the wrapping paper today, so I guess it's back to work time!

Ars Technica has an in-depth write-up on XP SP2 beta with plenty of screenshots, so if you're eagerly awaiting another few-hundred-MB download, it's worth a look.

A newish lawsuit filed against the makers of "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" by Haitian civil rights groups will be decided in the US federal court. "Haitian civil rights groups filed the lawsuit because the game, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, instructs players to "kill the Haitians" and awards points for each kill." More information here. Thanks FuXToR.

Envy News have had an up-close and personal look inside BFG Technologies, makers of video cards, weird looking mice and other stuff.

Confused about RAM timing in your nForce2 motherboard? Madshrimps have done some testing and so has Rainwulf. Interesting.

Unless you've been living under a rock .. perhaps a Martian rock, you'd know that NASA have landed another probe on Mars, codenamed "Spirit". If you haven't found them already, there are some images from afar here. Thanks Draffa.

If anyone wants to buy me a late christmas present, I think a 1:2 scale Star Wars AT-ST would look pretty good in my apartment ... I think. If there was somewhere to put it. Thanks Ernest.

Amdmb have published a memory guide called "From basics to buying", which attempts to cover such subjects as what different types of memory are, how they work and how PC users can improve the performance of their machine with tweaks of their system memory. Well worth a read.

Lastly, CLGA LAN will be on the 17th of Jan at the North Sydney ANZAC club, more information here. Thanks Hibba.

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