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Friday Morning (9 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 9-January-2004  02:03:24 (GMT +10) - by Agg

ModSynergy have an Athlon64/FX heatsink installation guide.

Hypothermia are giving away five 2.6C P4 CPU's - see if you can win one.

Bit-Tech want to tell you how to make a top window in your case. Meanwhile, WorldOC are painting drive bezels.

Eixt spotted this funny practical joke involving lots of aluminium foil.

MadShrimps rounded up a pile of socketA heatsinks and fans, to find out which were the best while staying fairly quiet.

Amfibius sent in this article comparing Mac vs PC for digital imaging work.

Gbug notes that Google will be floated on the stockmarket soon. All the cool kids use Aggle, of course. :)

Xbit have some extreme GeForce FX and Radeon overclocking, and more. They also have an interview with Ben Boyden of VIA Technologies.

Shaetano sent in this cool link, a robot made of lego that can solve rubiks cube.

Digital-daily have an article about alternative cooling methods.. that is, watercooling and heatpipes.

Australian scientists are wondering if you can cure cancer with the common cold virus.

VIA are turning their attention to the game console and HT-PC arena, thanks DePhantom.

FuXToR has a few tidbits: Intel launches Celeron M line for budget notebooks, VIA to take processors to 2GHz, the first 1GB SecureDigital cards are on the way and the digital imaging market is set to explode.. no kidding.

There's some very cool colour photos from Mars coming back from the latest NASA Rover.

DevHardware have an editorial on how PC's are like fish.. okey dokey.

There's a LAN on the weekend before Australia Day in Canberra, info here.. and another one on the northside of Brisbane on the 17th of Jan, info here.

If you scroll down a bit on our Folding Team page, Bollocks has put together a couple of "Folding highlights of 2003" posts, some interesting goings-on there. Current estimates have us being passed for #1 position in under a week, so if you've been thinking about getting into folding, now's the time!

Finally, Josh sent in a timewaster: Rocketball. Addictive, but it's Friday and you weren't going to get much done anyway. :)

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