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Mid-Week News (3 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 14-January-2004  13:51:39 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

BC notes that forum member callan has been busy doing his good deeds. In this thread you can read how he managed to shut down a Phishing Scam site that was being run from a compromised server in Scotland. Phishing is usually done by sending out Emails that appear to have come from your bank or other financial institution, asking you to go to a particular website and enter your banking or credit card details. There is also an article in The Age about the incident. Forum member stateless says that he received a similar one the other day asking for his EBay login details, along with just about every other piece of financial information he owns. As callan says, "Banks, Ebay, PayPal, etc. will NEVER EVER ask you to verify your details in an Email - I repeat NEVER EVER!". If you receive one of these Emails, hit that delete button and move on.

TechIMO have posted a preview of the beta release of SkyOS 5.0, a popular alternative Operating System which might appeal to those wanting to get off the Microsoft Bandwagon, yet are daunted by the idea of running Linux. While you're there, you can have a read of the Linux Terminal Server Project.

XbitLabs have decided to take a look at the common garden variety flatbed scanner to see how these things actually work.

Remember that Microsoft are dropping support for their Windows98, 98SE and WindowsME line of products as of this Friday...oh, no their not! They have decided to extend support until mid 2006. An 11th hour turn-a-round. Thanks MoJoMaN.

Dual-Channel Memory! Performance or performance myth? Sudhian take a close look at the life and times of dual channel to find out what is and is not.

Over on OCWorkbench, Killeroy managed to get his ECS 755-A motherboard up to 232FSB, taking the Athlon64 3000+ to over 2.3 Ghz.

From New Scientist: "The latest statistics from UK-based email filtering company MessageLabs indicate that 62.7 per cent of all global emails sent during December were spam." Spam threatens to choke the Net. Read the full article here. An Australian anti-spam article on SMH also.

You can find some more CES 2004 Coverage over on Disc Gamer.

It seems that a BIOS bug found in the Dell Inspiron model 2650 PC "... prevents a user who uses certain characters in a hard drive password from accessing the machine". Full details here.

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