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Saturday Morning (19 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 17-January-2004  03:43:07 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Dennis says that 2/3 of all emails are spam, according to this newscientist article. Soon Email won't be worth the paper it's not written on. I reckon someone out there isn't getting much spam at all, then.. because I get about 10 spams per useful email. That adds up to a LOT of spam, and it all seems to be selling the same stuff!

The Spirit lunar rover has rolled onto martian soil for the first time. Bern sent this link, which lets you Explore Mars with the program that NASA scientists use to operate Spirit.

Andypoo spotted this page with amazing video of a really large switch with a huge arc.

Dan has yet more letters. I get the feeling I'm going to be saying that regularly for a long, long time.

TheTechLounge have some CES coverage posted, as do Hardware Zone, DesignTechnica and TheTechZone. Lots of pictures and fun stuff in TTZ's coverage as always.

Slick noticed Telstra are providing music downloads now.. but not in MP3 format.

FlingingSquids checked out an air purifier.. from nuclear submarine to your desk.

OCNZ compared two SiS FX661 motherboards, from ASRock and Gigabyte.

Stmok linked Microsoft's security bulletin for January.. and yes, there's a new patch for Win2k onwards.

XtremeTek have a brief article about sockets, good and bad.

Sciby sent in this page of useful freeware.. the TreeSize thing is pretty cool, found all this old junk on my hard drive.

ExtremeOverclocking have an article about server power and performance.

News bits from Joel: "In studying the effects of last summer's MSBlast worm, some security experts turned to an unlikely source in search of clues to the prevention of computer epidemics: plants." A Chicago federal judge on Wednesday upheld a $512 million patent verdict against Microsoft that could ultimately force major changes in many of the most common Internet software products. Multimedia device reads nine formats.

Browca04 noticed that WiFi on aircraft will be a reality soon, on Emirates Air anyway. The ultra-long-range A340-500 will be the first aircraft to include a wireless Local Area Network (LAN) certified for passengers' own WiFi enabled laptop computers.

Enscape have an article about wireless networking back on solid ground.

Some timewasters: an extremely poor taste but quite fun escape from neverland from Kev and Turkey Shoot from Murmur_X.

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