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Sunday Night (13 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 18-January-2004  23:38:47 (GMT +10) - by Agg

From the PCDB: some fun with glow-pens, a custom perspex work in progress, an unusual monitor accessory and something that's just plain bizarre. :)

koopz sent word of a huge WWII aerial photograph archive which will be opening on the Internet soon. They were declassified years ago, but it takes days to find an individual image. Now they have been digitised and will be on the Internet, it takes seconds.

Interesting article here about people taking Sim World way too seriously.

This study reckons that 40% of your email may not make it to its intended recipient. Hmm, I dunno about that.

NASA have cancelled a mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope, effectively dooming it.

Lazerin notes that the results of the 2003 Whirlpool Australian Broadband Survey have been released.

Apparently Adobe, makers of the ubiquitous image-editing program Photoshop, included technology to help prevent counterfeit money being made with their software. He said nearly all counterfeit currency in Canada is now created with personal computers and ink-jet printers.

Scientists have unearthed the fossilised remains of a four-winged dinosaur, thanks Sniper.

TomsHardware have their take on CES - but it's not the traditional list of new technologies and photos of booth babes. They tried to take a look behind the glamour.

Here's a report with some interesting results from UCLA's World Internet Project.. basically a huge survey about internet usage. Overall, we see an average 8 percent gap between men and women using the Internet.

Gigabyte expects to sell lots more product, particularly video cards, next year.

TonyR sent in this cool powers of 10 simulation, from galaxies to quarks.

Sciby has been addicted to this game all weekend. A bit more involved than a simple Flash timewaster, but apparently worth the download.
(I'm not addicted, I can give up any time I want! Hmmm.... I wonder if it'll run on this work machine... - Sciby)

Interesting Forum Threads:
Fridge Cooling (56k beware, lots of pics) in Extreme Cooling.
Bluetooth-enabled Shopping Centres in Mobile Phones, thanks Shintaro.
The mozilla.org thread (Mozilla, Firebird, FAQ's, Tweaks etc) in General Software.
Sydney Opera House and Bridge all lit up in Photography.
Freeware List in General Software.
Hard Disk FAQ in Storage & Backup.

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