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Tuesday Evening Update (3 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 27-January-2004  19:52:55 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

FuXToR found this article which says that the broadband boom is a boon for viruses. After the 80 virus spams I just removed from the inbox I have to agree. Keep your anti-virus software up to date, scan regularly, and don't open attachments unless you are expecting them and you scan them first.

A new Windows exploit has been found, which constructs a malicious folder containing both script code and an executable file. Also from FuXToR.

This item on PCWorld tells us that Microsoft have launched their search toolbar that users can add to their Web browsers via a free download. I hate toolbars. Thanks to all those who sent that in.

Now this is interesting. Many people will swear that expensive thermal pastes will give you an improved CPU temperature when used correctly, and that the silver-based products are the better ones. But do they really use silver in them? Well, some do and some don't it seems despite claims to the contrary. Migishu notes that OCZ have an official statement and product recall here.

Xbitlabs have a 4-way low-cost RAID Controller roundup.

If you're planning a wedding then why not do something silly to your PC while you're at it...getting married that is. Thanks Jeff and koopz.

The music industry is beginning to catch up and there are now many online music stores where you can purchase music for download, but when are the movie and television industries going to catch on. Read it on Bjorn3D.

This article on CNN says that mobile phones are the most hated, yet needed technology we have. Read more here. Sent in by Goodlet.

Want mobile computing? What about car computing? Gforce thinks this looks interesting. Project Alexis.

Bjorn3d have just published a brief look at CPU trends as shown by 3DMark03. "Futuremark supplied us with some interesting CPU distribution data from the system info submitted by 3DMark03 users". Full article here.

Stewpot saw this article on /. about anti-counterfeiting measures which disallow the copying or printing of some banknotes.

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