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Thursday Afternoon (7 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 29-January-2004  14:24:24 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Boky noticed some interesting developments (ho ho) on the digital camera front in the last couple of days, with a new SLR from Nikon available. They also have a new lens, a new 8Mpix non-SLR digicam and the CoolPix 4500 has a firmware update. DPReview has info on their front page. This new D70 is the much-awaited Nikon competition to Canon's Eos 300D digital SLR, which I know a few OCAU members have purchased. Together they form what seems to be the first generation of affordable (ish) digital SLR cameras for enthusiastic amateurs, or "prosumers" as the marketing people have dubbed them. Head on over to the Photography Forum if this kind of thing interests you.

elvis spotted some new NVIDIA drivers for Linux, supporting the 2.6 kernel.

TheInq compared Prescott and Northwood CPUs, with interesting results, thanks McFly.

EnvyNews have some nForce / nForce2 driver "remixes", that are selected based on speed, stability or functionality.

Browca04 spotted this diamond-dotted dung story. Meanwhile, the cow has become a centre of attraction for people in Limdi, who flock around it every day waiting for it to drop its offerings to the waiting Gohil. For every diamond he finds, the crowd breaks into a cheer.

TechPC checked out an interesting controller, based on tracking the movement of your head.

TonyR sent in this list of the worst cars of all time.

Windows XP apparently has a folder weakness, thanks fad. Seems to be another hole in IE6 too, thanks FuXToR.

Digital-Daily have a few P4 coolers compared.

Dan's been writing about impossible televisions.

g@z sent in this article about land-mine detecting plants. The genetically modified weed has been coded to change color when its roots come in contact with nitrogen-dioxide (NO2) evaporating from explosives buried in soil.

This MyDoom virus is the most successful yet, to which the 187 copies that appeared in the newsbox overnight will attest. The FBI think it's so great they are launching an investigation to find the creators, presumably to award them some kind of prize, hopefully involving a long holiday. That article mentions that SCO, the target of the worm, are offering USD 250,000 for info helping them locate the authors - thanks Browca04. There's a new variant that targets Microsoft, thanks FuXTor. Wolfy noticed Whirlpool reporting on Optus's sudden decision to disable outgoing port 25 connections without warning. This will stop the virus, but at the expense of seriously inconveniencing people who use external mail or spam-filtering services.

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