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Saturday Morning (6 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 31-January-2004  00:40:14 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Time for some news catchup!

LegitReviews have an editorial about 3DMark approved drivers. I received an email from FutureMark asking that I kindly remove my 3DMark03 scores because I used a driver that was not listed on their "Approved" Drivers List.

Apparently the owners of Kazaa have gotten the OK to sue the record industry for copyright infringement. Isn't it ironic, don't you think?

From Draffa: For those who missed it, the Stardust probe sent to investigate the comet Wild 2 has captured an amazing image of the nucleus.

Hypothermia are giving away a bunch of Xbox stuff.

TweakNews talk about Half-Life 2 being bundled, or rather not bundled, with some 9600XT video cards.

DeeMan was dee first man to send in this Apple G5 to XP2200+ conversion project.

SharkyExtreme have a High-End Gaming PC buyer's guide posted for January.

Sudhian have an ultimate workstation roundup. Opterons, Bartons and Xeons, oh my!

TheTechZone have an article about solid-state storage, different types and which is best.

FuXToR notes that Microsoft have a search toolbar now. Personally, I use the Google toolbar a zillion times a day. Actually, he sent in a heap of stuff, so here's a few headlines: Microsoft have offered a reward for finding the creators of the MyDoom virus. TV's of the future will be flat and huge. The broadband price war is hotting up. WiMax may make wireless broadband a reality at last. Telstra is teaming up with a Thailand-based satellite company to provide a low-cost broadband internet service.

ClubOC have a guide to the flash GeForce FX 5900 to 5950 Ultra process.

Both Mars rovers are doing well, with Spirit nearly back to full health and Opportunity possibly rolling onto Martian soil this weekend.

Sean spotted this spectacularly-bad-taste flash timewaster called croc hunter. I think you can guess what it involves. His accent sounds more South African than Australian to me. :)

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