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Thursday Night News. (1 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 5-February-2004  23:20:19 (GMT +10) - by Firemoth

Browca04 sent in news that the BBC are blaming Linux "zealots" for the MyDoom worm.

For those interested in gaming consoles or more specifically the XBox would be interested to know that Microsoft have leaked details on the XBox 2. Thanks Lazerin.

If you're interested in getting a new graphics card anytime soon, you may wish to check out this Graphics Card Roundup that Bit-Tech have put together.

Accelenation have checked out the performance of hyper-threading on the new Intel Pentium 4 "Prescott" processor.

FiringSquad have a new article on Building a Basic Home Theater PC.

Neevo sent in word that Microsoft have released a 360 day preview of their Windows XP 64-bit version. It is available both by download or CD and is only usable on AMD 64-bit processors.

AllHardwareZone have an article up on their web site taking a look at ATI Radeon 9800 Pro Mods.

According to this news article on News.com.au, Australia could soon be home to the World's tallest tower. The tower which will be 1000 metres high will be the center of a solar electricity facility able to power 200,000 homes.

Dan has some new letters up on his web site, you can view them here.

FuXToR has sent in news that Ericsson and Unwired have signed a new deal for Ericsson to provide network support and services to Unwired for their new Sydney based wireless service.

PCWorld have news that Microsoft has released a new security patch to fix three vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer. Thanks FuXToR.

VooDoo sent in word that a new Australian developed supercar, labeled "The Joss SuperCar" will be shown at the Melbourne motor show on February 27th.

Australian IT have a news article on how the Australian Federal Government will be spending $1 billion on a new robotic aircraft which will patrol the coast of Australia.

ModAsylum have a new guide up on their web site on how to mod a windows into an optical drive.

Teamhardware have a article on their web site titled "Pentium 4 history and the release of the Prescott".

Legit Reviews have examined the Temperatures of the new Prescott processor from Intel.

The Madshrimps have a new article up featuring an overclock of an Athlon XP2000+ up to ~3000Mhz.

MCFLY5 reported that The Inquirer reported that CNN Reported that Valve has announced a new release date for Half Life 2. I suggest a bag of salt for this one, a grain might not be enough.

Tweakfactor have some insight into the confusion behind the free Half Life 2 coupon bundled with ATI 9800XT and ATI 9600XT's. Thanks MCFLY5.

MCFLY5 also sent in that Anandtech have a Graphics Card Roundup on their site.

ob1 has started a thread on our forums that contains a link to information on a hacked Canon-EOS 300D firmware that allows the use of some new functions.

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