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Wednesday Midday (16 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 11-February-2004  11:40:01 (GMT +10) - by Agg

With all the media chatter about sugar and beef in the recently-announced Free Trade Agreement between Australia and the United States, nobody seems to be mentioning the intellectual property aspects of it. Phillip sent in that link, and here's some more coverage, thanks Scriion. Of course, there's discussion here in our Current Events forum.

The debate about saving the Hubble space telescope continues. Meanwhile, the Mars rover Opportunity has peeked over the rim of the crater that it landed in. Spirit's earlier problems were caused by it running out of memory, thanks PodgeSSS.

There's an interesting article here about how hobbies are good for your health. Handy ammunition for justifying your next upgrade perhaps. :)

OCNZ added the Pixelview FX5900XT to their mid-range graphics card roundup.

Gamers aren't the only people eagerly awaiting Half-Life 2, thanks PodgeSSS.

OCFAQ compared two peltier GPU waterblocks from Swiftech and Danger Den.

A few things from mcfly: Anandtech has a WindowsXP 64-Bit Preview. IMO 32bit is still the way to go for now anyway. ;) Seagate is the first to reach 100 GB per platter with their harddrives. ATX to BTX psu conversion. If your PC isn't booting, then here's a trouble shooting guide.

Aaron1 found this new home.. perfect for an aviation nut.

2CPU have a memory comparison, with Unbuffered vs. Registered vs. Registered + ECC.

RambutanMan spotted this page answering the question: is chocolate poisonous to dogs? One of those things you hear but never know if it's true or not. Turns out it is, according to that page.

Bit-Tech reckon that tablet PC's are being overlooked and deserve more attention.

Apparently certain Nokia mobile phones have Bluetooth security vulnerabilities, thanks Paul.

If you're handy with a soldering iron, you might try building a fan controller, following a guide on GideonTech.

From Hari: I just thought I would let you guys know that Firefox 0.8 (Previously know as Firebird.) browser and Thunderbird 0.5 (Email Client.) are out. :) Also check out the Mozilla.org thread on OCAU for Faqs, help, tweaks etc.

Ambush noticed that certain cable modems can use a custom firmware which allows changing of various settings, possibly even the cable speed.

koopz found this spot the fake smiles research quiz.

Leroyputz sent in this bizarre game where you guide a angry headless guy back to his head, while acting as some kind of giant intelligent shape-changing meatball. Okey dokey then. There's some strong language in the sound effects so if you're at work, turn the sound down. :)

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