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Thursday Night News. (7 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 12-February-2004  22:12:51 (GMT +10) - by Firemoth

PC World are reporting that hard drives will reach 600gb by 2007. Thanks FuXToR.

MCFLY5 sent in that Nvidia is releasing new drivers with a feature called "ForceWare 2.0". ForceWare will allow you to increase the performance of your video card by up to 20 percent.

MCFLY5 also mentioned that Intel are to unveil their wireless USB technology at the Intel Developer Forum.

Business Wire have reported that the Star Wars Trilogy will be released on DVD in September. Thanks Baba.

ZDNet have an article on how the MyDoom author may be covering his tracks by releasing "Doomjuice", a worm that places the original MyDoom source code onto a victims computer.

DJ-Studd let us know about an article written by a Musician with her views on File Sharing and the RIAA.

Dan has once again released some new letters.

C|Net News has news that Apple faces lawsuits of false advertising on the battery life of their iPod product.

The Register have a story on how Microsoft have removed swastika characters from one of the fonts that shipped with Office 2003.

Creative Mods have an Optical Mouse LED Mod Guide up on their site.

ZDNet have an article on how 30 traffic lights stopped in Melbourne, Australia due to a hard disk that failed.

Squigy_Poodle sent in to let us all know that the Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo has been released. Mirrors for the demo can be found here. Ausgamers mirror can be found here.

Also worth mentioning is that HardwareHell has had a complete site redesign.

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