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Monday Morning (2 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 16-February-2004  05:11:44 (GMT +10) - by Agg

A zillion people sent word that there's been a source code leak from Microsoft, involving Win2k and NT4. MS have confirmed the leak and that the software had appeared on the Internet. Apparently the leak traces back to Mainsoft, a Microsoft partner. They have issued a statement in response to this. DJ-Studd remembered a similar thing happening back in 2000. Microsoft have a statement about this latest leak on their site. The major concern people are expressing is that, with the source code in the open, people could wade through it to find security holes and create new exploit tools. Seems to me they were doing just fine so far without the source code. Anyway, we'll see over time I guess. AzzKikr noticed this parody source code. Flexbeta are reporting that Office XP SP3 (beta) has been leaked too.

Xbit compared external hard disks from Maxtor and Western Digital.

If gazing at graphics cards is your thing, then this German site should keep you busy, with 109 pictures. If you'd prefer to see the whole PC, check out the latest Gallery entries in our PC Database. Quite a few new entries over the weekend!

DesignTechnica have an article about backing up your data.

There's a guide on ComputerSphere to making a boring-looking external CDROM drive look less boring.. and kinda ugly if you ask me.

WebTemp is a non-free program to display your hardware info (including temps etc) on the net.

Bill Gates has donated USD 83 Million to help fight tuberculosis.

Dan has more letters.

If you've got a programming knack, you could win a Radeon 9800XT on Driveheaven. Doesn't say anything about international entries.

A slightly more difficult competition is this one, with people competing to create re-usable space vehicles. The contest calls for launching a manned craft to 100.5 kilometers (62.5 miles) above the Earth, which is generally considered the edge of space, twice within two weeks. The craft must be able to carry three people.

Andreas noticed that long-time heatsink gurus Alpha have entered the A64 cooling market. Meanwhile, Mcfly spotted this hefty cooler from Gigabyte.

Mcfly also sent word of a USS Enterprise case mod. That's the aircraft carrier, not the starship. If that doesn't float your boat, try Bluesmurf's Imperator, a Star Destroyer case mod project in progress.

Monday morning timewasters: a downloadable (Windows) game called "Kill the Barney" from deepspring, a tribute to Pingu page from s3tTz and a Stickman Cricket game from Dan that you can play as Flash or download.

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