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Tuesday Afternoon (7 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 17-February-2004  13:58:26 (GMT +10) - by Agg

We mentioned this some weeks ago but it was being hammered into the ground by traffic. A few people have pointed out that it's usable now: the Aerial Reconnaissance Archives. For the first time you can access 5.5 million photographs taken over occupied Western Europe, by the Allies during World War II. Go to "Image Shop" for the current photos - the search function is still offline.

Those of you who had an IBM GXP-series HDD die may be interested in this story on Tech-Report, which claims things are a lot more sinister than we realised. Coincidentally, one of my 75GXP 30GB's awoke from the dead yesterday - the two 60GXP 40GB's are long gone, though.

InternetNews wonder which is the fastest growing Linux distro, while this article discusses market share among webserver software.

DSLWebserver had an interesting idea.. to copy one CD to another, then that one to another, 100 times in total, and compare the last one with the first one to see if the data remained intact.

GarbageGuts spotted some ghetto cooling.

AMD have had their first profitable quarter in over two years, thanks Vaempyr, as the 64-bit war hots up. There's a lot of murmuring about whether Prescott P4's secretly contain 64-bit extensions that Intel will reveal at some point. Initially called Yamhill Technology, or YT, the company has switched the name of the top-secret technology to CT, for Clackamas Technology. Intel seriously need to get someone else picking their names for them.

Andy sent word that the Australia's Wonderland park in western Sydney will be shutting down soon.

Sudhian compared ECC RAM from 3 manufacturers.

Technobabble have info on a new storage technology that squeezes 1GB into something the size of a postage stamp.

Surakshan noticed that optical microchips are coming along nicely. Hexus have some info on silicon photonics from Intel's Developer Forum. They also have info on chipsets and other stuff from IDF. No doubt more reports will flow in soon enough, hopefully with some interesting announcements from Intel.

Telstra are apparently not making any friends in the wholesale ADSL market with their new retail pricing, thanks Herby. "If our wholesale price is above Telstra's retail price, there's no point being in business - it's just silly," Mr Cinc said.

MadMike noticed a little more info about how the US-Australia Free Trade Agreement will affect copyright laws in Australia.

Dink says his dream has come true.. because it turns out the infamous virus writer Gigabyte may be (crowd gasps) a 19yo girl. Hot teen virus action! Aherrm, sorry.

SpodesAbode have a cheapo way of reducing HDD vibration and hence noise. Be aware that many high-speed drives need to be mounted firmly in the case for thermal dissipation reasons. If you're going to suspend your drives in this way, have some airflow over them.

Before setting off on a long trip, make sure you know which country your destination is in - and be sure to check your car for grenades.

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