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Early Friday Morning (19 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 20-February-2004  00:08:54 (GMT +10) - by Agg

More stuff from the Intel Developer Forum: HardWareZone, Hexus (and more) and Bit-Tech.

Man, if we had a Star Trek classroom when I was in school, I would have paid a lot more attention.

MCFLY5 spotted some UT2K4 Benchmarking on Xbit.

OnlyNewz compared a few ATI Catalyst driver versions.

Sticks spotted this love detector. The Love Detector based on Israeli counter-terrorism technology sells in the US for $63. The program runs 8000 mathematical formulas to divine 16 emotional parameters.

Yet another portable digital media standard has sprung up, called FISH.. DesignTechnica took a look at them. Sure, I'll put my important data on a FISH stick.

Boky spotted mankind's first burnout on another planet.

Ocelotx sent word of a new cooling technology that he reckons could be applied to PC's.

TechPC wrote an editorial about Intel and 64-bit technology, then decided it was a load of rubbish and wrote a rebuttal to themselves.

Meanwhile, ITNews report on Intel's future chipsets, thanks Murray.

There's a slightly dated (ie, before Intel's recent 64-bit announcement) article here about how AMD are turning up the heat on Intel.

DriverHeaven built themselves a dream PC they call The One.

OCWB are reporting that, with a certain ASRock motherboard, a certain beta BIOS and a certain CPU mod, you can unlock the multiplier on the recently-locked AthlonXP CPUs.. even changing multipliers in Windows!

Is Dan. Is letters. This time with pictures.

Futurelooks look at making music with a PC.

HotHardware took a look at the ForceWare 55 drivers from NVIDIA. NeoSeeker go one better and look at the 65.65 version which should be available soon. Bjorn3D discovered a performance graph feature buried in the new drivers, which apparently appears when you install the coolbits patch.

SFFTech packed a Prescott into a small package to see if it burst into flames.

Mobilemag checked out this tiny WinXP PC, thanks diamondz.

Norgs noticed that nmap, that network security utility made famous by, among other things, appearing in a Matrix movie, has now appeared in (link warning) a porn film. Warning: That link is mostly ok, but it leads to pictures of full nudity, so the usual warnings apply.

SCO have finally specified which bits of linux code it feels infringe on its copyrights. Lots of reading there.

Tombo notes Amazon had a bit of a screwup recently, revealing the names of people who had "anonymously" reviewed books. Unsurprisingly, the authors give themselves positive reviews fairly often. :)

A roundup of roundups: Digital-Daily compared ATI 9100IGP based motherboards from Asus and Gigabyte, while LostCircuits looked at Radeon 9600 cards from Sapphire and Asus. PimpedOutCases rounded up five mousepads. Xbit looked at six tv tuner cards, while TechwareLabs compared CPU coolers.

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