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Monday Morning (18 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 23-February-2004  03:27:52 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Haroc sent in this very cool Picture Australia site, with thousands of historical photos of Australia. I just lost an hour digging around for pics of some of my favourite places. The picture trails feature is pretty cool, too.

Yet more Intel Developer Forum stuff: Part 2 and Part 3 on HWZ, tweaking session and day 3 keynote from Hexus.

A few people sent in this story about a lady suing the RIAA for racketeering.

Andrew spotted this little RoboSapien robot. Very cool! Speaking of which, from Isengard: an article on Wired about the chip-equipped, interacting-with-your-TV toys on show at the 101st Annual American Toy Fair. Including a new Batman that's "upgraded" by signals encoded in the animated series it's being launched in conjuction with. Oh, and apparently Barbie officially broke up with Ken, for an Aussie surfer-type bloke.

Hadjicom says that you can now surf the net at McDonalds.. well, a selected 44 restaurants across the country. Try not to get special sauce in your keyboard.

DeadEye263 sent word of a recent F-16 crash involving one of the Thunderbirds demonstration team of the US Air Force. The pilot ejected and was unhurt, but the truly amazing thing is the photos taken of the ejection process. The first link at the bottom of this page is a 2.7MB high-resolution picture taken 8/10 of a second before impact - amazing photo. The onboard footage of the pilot is interesting, too.

There's apparently been some concern about the accuracy of temperatures reported by nVenvtiv's phase-change coolers. ExtremeSystems has a press-release from them explaining what the story is.

A couple of case-modding projects: Fush Zero on OCModShop and The LabRat from VoidedWarranty. For more cool PC's, see the PC Database Gallery.

Ambush noticed that there has been an update to Morse Code, the first one in a very long time. The change, of course, is to add the @ symbol. Some discussion of this here in our forums and here on Slashdot. There's a Morse Code translator here.

TeamHardware have a guide to putting glowing things into your PC.

From Wolfy: Microsoft - as part of their efforts to lift the security profile of their OS's - are offering free 1 day seminars early next month. Apparently already over 5000 people have registered, so for those interested it may be a good idea to do so soon. There is a seminar stream for Developers and another for IT Professionals (Admins).

Apparently a Queenslander has been distributing Windows source, thanks Dink.

Fen says this flash game is very addictive. 2.7MB and from a quick look it seems to be some kind of fighting game.

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