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Sunday Evening (4 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 29-February-2004  19:42:06 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Hitachi have unveiled a 300GB, 10k-rpm HDD. They're available in Ultra 320 SCSI and 2Gb per second Fibre Channel, so I guess they won't be appearing in our desktop PC's anytime soon.

Callan spotted this Commodore 64, still in service!

ARP have an article about Power Factor Correction, a marketing buzzword used on power supply boxes nowdays.

Some Telstra tidbits: the ACCC has issued Telstra with an advisory notice for selling ADSL direct to consumers for less than it charges its wholesale customers, thanks Dink, who reckons this tshirt is perfect for ex-Telstra employees. Airquarius01 noticed this odd pricing policy mentioned on Whirlpool.

Xbit tried to make a graphics card cooler and quieter while keeping it fast.

HWZ checked out Western Digital's WD740GD SATA 10k-rpm 74GB hard drive. We looked at them standalone and in RAID here about a month ago.

Another member of the Razor1911 demo and warez group has been sentenced - to 50 months in jail, thanks Graham.

Sudhian have dual Xeons on the test bench, using a Canterwood-based ASUS motherboard.

Dan has yet more letters about stuff.

It seemed inevitable - Jaz sent in an article about how viruses and spammers have come together in a nasty commercial way.

JustFPS have a clear case project in progress, aiming to keep it small and quiet. German site PC-Max have a watercooled Shuttle project (link is Babelfished). The ModFathers modded a radiator for better performance.

Hydra noticed another "visual" search engine: Kartoo. Not a big fan of that kind of interface myself.

This site shows how (or how not to) pull apart an iPod mini, thanks WinK.

Apparently chess computers will overtake humans this year, thanks Rage.

Ridewitme sent word of this charity LAN to raise money for a wheelchair.

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