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Monday Morning (4 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 3-May-2004  04:30:07 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

It looks like Sierra are giving away Tribes-2 and several other games for free as a promo for an upcoming game. Sounds good. Thanks Simon.

Rojakpot take us through the maze of mobile GPU models on the market to find out which one does what.

X-Bit Labs have an article all about multi-processor architectures such as the Intel Itanium and Hewlett Packard PA8700, as well as Alpha, MIPS, SUN UltraSPARC and the IBM Power4 microprocessors.

This just in from Wombo: "I just found out about this really good [free] software that allows you to stream DVD, Digital TV, media files and heaps more over your network, it can even do video on demand. You can control it either through a web site, telnet connection, IR remote and a few other methods." Check it out at VideoLan.

Hardware Zone have had a chat with one of the head honchos at MSI. Meanwhile, Eweek interview AMD CEO Hector Ruiz to get the low-down on next years dual-core product. Also, VR-Zone have been to see AMD's Singapore plant which does Test Mark and Pack (TMP) for microprocessors such as K7 and K8 and chipsets.

Part 2 of an article titled Beyond Magapixels over at The Tech Lounge, examines current and future trends in digital cameras.

PCStats have an Introduction to DDR-2. Hmm...new memory. I can't wait.

Cut Your Boot Time Into 'Bits. Thatís the title of this article over on OC-HQ.

When I first read the words mouse accessories I thought about small boots, little jumpers, maybe a tiny hat with frilly bits on it. Not so. Apparently you can get all sorts of add-ons for your computer mouse. Find out at Virtual-Hideout.

Some more letters from/to Dan, #102.

IPKonfig are giving away a total of 4Gb of Corsair's famous TwinX 1024MB 4000 Pro Dual DDR Memory Modules. Itís open to anyone in the world so give it a go.

Into electronics? Or just want to get that volt mod done right. Extreme OC have a guide to soldering. Very handy if you're new to it.

DJ-Studd can confirm that lightning can do nasty things to your computer and other electronic items around the home.

It looks like the BBC have caught up with the rest of the world. They have discovered Case Modding. Thanks Paul.

Now this has got to be the killer invention of the 21st century. For at least several thousand years, civilization has been holding out for just such a thing as a Self Chilling Beer Can. A Nobel Prize might be in order for this one. Thanks for the heads up Ronin.

It's on again! The Battle@Matchrix VI takes off soon as OCAU Vs Atomic. There is a forum thread with all the details or you can go to the Matchrix site.

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