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Press Releases (4 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 7-May-2004  13:40:22 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Some recent press-releases:

VIA announced their VIA K8T800 Pro motherboard chipset for the A64 platform today. The VIA K8T800 Pro features an advanced new asynchronous bus architecture, which allows for improved system optimization options and enables power users to squeeze the very most out of their AMD Athlon™ 64 and Athlon 64 FX processor based systems. This new architecture enables the AGP and PCI buses to be locked in the event of the system’s front side bus or clock multiplier being tweaked for faster performance, essentially providing a highly stable overclocking platform. Press-release here, previews on PCPerspective, Tech-Report and AnandTech.

ATI, obviously not satisfied by dominating the news with their X800 launch, have also announced the introduction of RADEON™ 9100 PRO IGP, a high performance platform product for both Intel® Pentium® 4 and Celeron® Processors. (snip) In addition to industry leading graphics, RADEON 9100 PRO IGP provides users with a range of platform performance enhancements such as serial ATA, dual DDR400 memory channels, RAID, enhanced USB support, plus expanded memory and peripheral compatibility. SURROUNDVIEW™, a feature unique to ATI, enables users to combine the power of discrete and integrated graphics for multi-monitor support. Users benefit from simplified management of multiple windows and an immersive environment for gaming and multimedia. (P)reviews on Anandtech, Xbit and TomsHardware.

Intel advise: As discussed in Q1 this year, Intel will be changing our processor nomenclature with the advent of our new LGA 775 package. Attached is our first PDA reference to the new processor naming convention. Info in a 204KB PDF file here.

VisionTek Launches ATI RADEON X800 PRO. The VisionTek XTASY RADEON X800 PRO is based on ATI's RADEON(tm) X800 visual processing unit (VPU). The X800 PRO's incredible performance is driven by a massively parallel pixel processing engine and six vertex pipes. VisionTek's new card features 256MB of next-generation, high speed DDR-3 graphics memory running at 900MHz, a graphics core clock speed of 475MHz, and multiple video output options including VGA, DVI-I, S-video, and dual monitor support. The card has a suggested retail price of $399.99 (USD) and is backed by VisionTek's toll-free technical support and lifetime warranty. Interestingly: VisionTek's new card is expected to be available within days from Circuit City, CompUSA, Fry's Electronics, Micro Center, and other outlets for VisionTek products. Press-release doc here (29KB), box image here (58KB).

Gigabyte announces the release of its newest Athlon™64 platform solution, the GA-K8NSNXP. The GA-K8NSNXP offers the acclaimed performance inherent to Athlon™ 64 technology as well added power borne from its NVIDIA nForce3 250 chipset. The combination along with Gigabyte's advanced "Dual Miracle" design means stellar system performance, reliability and scalability. The GA-K8NSNXP means the ability to compute faster, better, and safer! 73KB box and mobo pic here, 1.7MB doc here.

Gigabyte also announced the release of the market's highest speed graphics accelerators, the GV-N68U256VH and GV-N68128D. Powered by NVIDIA's latest highest-performing GeForce 6800 Ultra/6800 GPU, these cards deliver up to 8x the shading power of previous generation products for screaming gaming performance. 61KB box and card pic here, 728KB doc here.

PROLINK Microsystems Corporation announced its "PixelView GeForce 6800". With the technology of World's NO.1 Graphics card chipsets manufacturer - NVIDIA's latest chipset - GeForce 6800 and PROLINK's strong R&D team, PROLINK is now ready to present its revolutionary GeForce 6800. 50KB box pic here.

GeCube announced the introduction of the X800PRO256 powered by the world’s fastest visual processor, ATI’s RADEON™ X800. The X800PRO256 will deliver the best visual experience possible. The X800PRO256 series is based on ATI’s newly introduced RADEON™ X800 visual processing unit (VPU). Powered by a massively parallel pixel processing engine, 6 vertex pipes and built using the most advanced technologies available, the X800PRO256 ushers in a new era, High Definition Gaming. 73KB doc here, 83KB box and card pic here.

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