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Tuesday Morning (22 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 25-May-2004  02:40:00 (GMT +10) - by Agg

I've been asked this question a couple of times now and don't know the answer: now that we have anti-spam legislation, who do we contact when we receive illegal spam? I can't exactly see myself ringing the cops over it, and I think the high-tech crime group are busy with bigger fish, sooo... any suggestions?

Everyone's talking about Iwill's dual Opteron small-form-factor PC. Their page here thanks Graham, Xbit have more info thanks Sniper, and Hexus have a sneak peek also.

Kasi spotted this review of A64 3500+ and 3800+ - these are Socket939 processors and from the article they seem to be used in S940 motherboards? Kasi notes it seems the extra heat generated by Socket 939 CPU's may prove inconvenient for overclockers. It's in French, so here's a fishy version.

Israeli scientists have created a computer made from DNA and enzymes, thanks Shombre.

CreativeMods have a guide to using Bondo correctly.. whatever that is. Seems to be some kind of bog filler stuff.

OCWizard cover tubing in the latest part of their watercooling guide.

From Ryan: Thought this might be useful, havenít seen it in the news before. Itís a free bootable CD Image with lots of testing/benchmarking apps Ė great for those of us without floppy drives!

OCHQ have some info about Pear PC, which lets you run OS X on a Windows machine.. really slowly.

There's a pretty serious in-car PC project on PCUnleash.

Interviews seem to be popular lately, two more today: a BFG Tech person on Bjorn3D and an ATI person on Tech-Report.

Wireless network running slow? Try some WiFi Speed Spray, thanks Chris. :)

LostCircuits look at Prescott, Northwood and the EE P4 in some detail to see, among other things, which scales better.

TheModFathers have a guide to cabling a house, while ExtremeReviews cover some cable tidying goodies.

Kerrod spotted a CD burning guide using an unusual method. :)

GruntVille have a plexi and modders mesh window guide.

SLCentral posted their E3 2004 coverage, while PimpRig tripled the size of their booth babes gallery.

Debate continues about the petrol-pump fires, with ABC News (the American version) saying it's a lot more likely to be caused by static electricity than mobile phones, thanks Tully.

From the PCDB: a nicely-finished off, glowing and pirate themed fulltower from bucsta, a cute little lego PC from wackywheelz, an extensively modded and very yellow box from D_B and another nice paintjob from BeRt_iS_eViL.

Matex has some bad news: My girlfriends house (Canberra area) was robbed today during the day. A Alcatel Speedtouch 500 Series ADSL modem (Serial #. DG324U5000968) was pinched, a Panasonic Toughbook CF-48 (Serial #. DFQX6377ZAT) and a Canon PowerShot S100 2.1 Megapixel (don't know the serial #). Keep an eye out! More info here in the forums.

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